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Elbows AIO

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Financial Tool for Resellers.

Email Importer is an additional add on to Zenith and our first iteration of autonomy.

Email Importer was designed to create ease of use with Zenith. Allowing you to connect your personal Zenith copy and email account to create a seemless, automatic import of your Inventory, Sales, Expenses, and Revenues. So you can spend more time absorbing analysis! ... And this is only the beginning of Zenith's autonomous future!


  • Easy one-time setup
  • Forver expanding supported site list
  • Webhook Notifications
  • CLI interface

NOTE: Email Importer is still in early stages of devlopment. We are actively working to improve the product and expand its useability. All revenue will go to future devlopment and ensuring accurate compensation for our devloper. Our biggest thanks to those of you who decide to support the development of this tool!

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Email Importer

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Email Importer

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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(18 reviews)
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a year ago
Best of the best! Always on point, have only been on the group for two weeks, recommended by a friend and glad to have found this group!
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2 years ago
The detail reviews on drops are amazing. This made it way easier for me to make sure my setups were at its best. This really has improve my setup from before and been able to cop much more with the data provided. My checkout percent has had a huge increase with the proxies I have chosen to go with obviously with the help of Elbow’s AIO!!!
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2 years ago
If you are into bottling, it is a tool you must have to track your drop expenses and check where you are loosing money (if you are) and how you can make changes to your setup to check what worked. Used it for two drops and the insights have really helped.
What is Zenith?
Zenith is an all in one tool to help resellers by providing useful financial tools to improve day to day life as a reseller. Utilizing 4 different analyses, you can easily track how your money flows in and out of your reselling business, with in-depth insights to help make more informed decisions. All with an easy to use interface.
What's your Mission?
Zeniths mission is to promote financial literacy to the reselling communities by providing a platform to track cash flows, manage inventory, and plan setups to enable smart, data driven decision making in the day-to-day reselling process.
Zenith vs Accounting Software
Zenith is a financial platform, which allows users to track their cash flows, manage inventory, and plan setups to enable smart, data driven decision making in your day-to-day reselling process. Bookkeeping/Accounting softwares only help manage your inventory and track sales after purchase and provide little data driven insights.
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Reselling • General

18 reviews

Providing the only Financial Analysis Software for Sneaker Botting and others alike!

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