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Elysian Equity

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A financial forum for all retail investors, no matter your level.

Elysian Academy is our first tier of subscription, custom made for beginner traders. Our academy comes with all of the following benefits:

  • Education - tailor made for beginners, we start from topics like how to create a brokerage account and discuss topics on how to analyze stocks and exploring stock options

  • Trade Alerts - Our analysts whose trades have been deemed beginner friendly are shared, including long term plays for those building for their future

  • Educational Live Classes - Instead of just sharing, we love to teach. We host weekly classes teaching you all topics to learn how to control your financial future.

  • Owen's Sunday Special - Our owner, Owen, goes over the market in a live call on Sunday, and will give his trade ideas for the week, go over macroeconomic events, and answer your questions

  • Beginner Chat Rooms - Get confused by complicated trading topics? Never fear! Our beginner friendly chat rooms are your new home on asking questions with no shame.

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Beginner Focused Education
Access to our tailor made education, whether you want to begin investing and know nothing, or are looking to learn more
Trading Alerts
Our verified analyst team, from beginner friendly to advanced, share their trades, helping you to learn
Educational Live Streams
Join our educational live steams as we share our knowledge on how to trade and invest for your future.
Trading Live Streams
Access to daily live streams of our top analysts trading, and ask them your questions on the current market.
Advanced Education
Not a beginner? Enjoy our vast education meant for advanced traders, including advanced options strategies and more.
Get your Trades Analyzed
To help you learn, we strive to share our opinions on your trades, and to create a community of learning together.
Chat Rooms
Talk to our experienced traders in a space with traders of all levels.
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5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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9d ago
I have upgraded to the premium subscription, and this value is insane. The signals, live trading, and education have all greatly helped me on my journey through trading.
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2 months ago
lot of great analysts to choose from that are completely free, plus their education has helped me a lot
What types of topics are covered in the forum?
Our forum covers a variety of topics including the stock market, cryptocurrency, futures market, forex, and sports betting.
What is your refund policy?
We offer full refunds for the first month of your subscription if you are not happy with our services.
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Elysian Equity
Trading β€’ Stocks

2 reviews

Elysian Equity focuses on providing a forum based service encouraging the collaboration of retail investors. Elysian focuses on topics surrounding the stock market, crypto, sports betting, and the futures market.

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