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Elevate Your Server Experience: Top-Notch E-sports Signal on League of Legends & Dota 2

Hi Everyone, I have been doing Esport Signals mainly on LoL & Dota 2 for almost four years. It has been profitable along my journey, and I am now looking to share it out.

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Neko VIP - Esports Signal

Real-Time Game Stats
Get updated stats for League of Legends and Dota 2 within your Telegram server in real-time.
E-Sports Game Analysis
Provides detailed insights on team and player performance for strategic gameplay in League of Legends & Dota 2.
Bet Signals
Receive detailed bet signals by our Master
24/7 Support
You'll get access to our amazing support team
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(2 reviews)
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3 months ago
Signals description were very in detailed. Would be great if there are more odd choices other than European. Overall great job
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3 months ago
The Management & Owner was very friendly and patience to guide me individually. Slow learner, but overall it was easy to understand after a few tries.
Can I use this on other games besides League of Legends and Dota 2?
Our servers are specifically optimized for LoL and Dota 2 only.
What are the benefits of using your Telegram server?
Our Discord server provides precise E-sports signals for League of Legends & Dota 2 to enhance your gaming experience.
How does your service improve my gaming experience?
Our service enhances your gaming by providing top-notch esports signals for LoL and Dota 2.
What is the procedure to complete bets?
Our After-Sales service experts will guide you on daily working hours basis.
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Neko Esport Signal
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Driven by a passion for community building and seamless communication, we are a dedicated team working towards providing the ultimate platform for Telegram E-sports Signal. We aim to facilitate smooth interactions for users of all kinds - from gamers to business communities. We believe in the unbounded potential of a well-knit community and strive to foster connections, enhance communication, and encourage collaboration through our offerings. As we pave the path for more evolved Telegram experiences, our commitment rests in ensuring a user-centric approach, promising enhancements, and uncompromised service quality. We appreciate your support as we bring you the best of Telegram E-sports Signal!

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