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Filip Bull Run - Money Making Machine

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Filip Bull Run is group dedicated to microcap hunting, airdrop hunting, sport betting, affiliate marketing and a lot other ways to make money online.

If you pay with crypto, when you're in, you will have a discount of $53 for every new order.

Best crypto micro-cap hunting group, currently running an journey of going from $5,000 to $1,000,000 and in 4 months our progress is at $115,0000-$1,000,000.

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Microcap Signals
Signals for small-cap cryptocurrencies that could jump 2-10 times this month.
Crypto Airdrops are one of the easiest, most profitable businesses, we send you tutorials and signal for the best ones.
Sport Betting
The best strategy for sports betting along with signals.
E-Books on Making Money
More than 3 books on making money online, with more than 900 pages combined, over 50+ strategies and tutorials.
Over $500+ worth of bonuses from templates, videos and more.
Affiliate marketing program, telegram spammer, social media program, and many other programs created for VIP members.
We will have more free courses for members of our VIP group, the courses will be on various topics and created by expert
A lot of other information, ideas, products that are only for members of our VIP.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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2 months ago
Fililp is great he has made more money than any other group of signals, i´m really impressed the amount of knowledge he has and the way he analyzes the market, i´m learning a lot. You won´t regret it.
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3 months ago
Amazing group full of friendy people that are more than happy to help eachother. Scaz is a crypto genius, the ROI of this investment is potentially infinite
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3 months ago
Great guy! Helped me earn lots of $$$
Why is there 53$ fee when joining?
That's because of all the setup we have to do when you join, you'll get a license for all our programs, and you'll be invited to a special site for our VIP members where you can read our books, and part of that FEE is because with VIP you get a special a 728-page book on making money online that we sell independently for $188. This is one time fee.
How Do I Get The Discord Role?
Make sure that you click claim discord role to make sure you have officially joined the discord. If you have any problems there is a red button in the bottom right on whop with a live customer support!
How much can I expect to make?
Our microdrop haunting has brought 2-15X every month for the last 4 months, airdrop farming can bring 30-100% monthly and sports betting can bring a similar figure. The other methods we have in our VIP group depend on how you use them and how long you use them.
Do you offer refunds?
We do not accept refunds, the things we offer in our program are too valuable, when you buy you accept our terms of use, so know that we do not have a refund policy.
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Filip Bull Run
Trading • Crypto

8 reviews

Filip Bull Run is a group mostly focused on crypto, with crypto signals, airdrop signals, and information from project admins. In addition, we have one of the best and most hidden strategies for making money with sports betting, more books, and content on various strategies for making money with various methods. Unlike other groups, come talk with us, our crypto signals are free, and we have the most valuable VIP group that you will find out there.

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