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(92 reviews)

Betting Made Easy

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Full VIP Access
You will have access to all contributor plays and detailed write-ups on why the team is intrigued by certain plays.
Contributor Tracker
Full access to the contributor's performance trackers to help you make informed decisions.
24/7 Group Chat
2,500+ members hang out in the group-chat and talk sports all day. Family-like atmosphere with no drama.
Sports Betting Education
We love to educate on sports betting and how to be effective. F5 contributors are ready to answer your questions!
Filthy Friday Giveaways! 5DollarMan gives away all of the parlay winnings to a random F5 member if it hits on Fridays.
SportsBook Promotions
F5 has major partners and is privy to sportsbook promo info earlier than others. This info is shared in the discord.
Customer question & answers
what sports are you betting on?
We consult on NFL, MLB, NCAAF, NBA, Golf, Soccer, NASCAR, and occasionally MMA.
Answered 4 months ago
Customer reviews
4.95 out of 5
(92 reviews)
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3 months ago
One of the best discords, super experienced professionals who push everyone towards success/winning!
Purchased VIP Access - Grandfathered Subs 1 year ago
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3 months ago
DoctorT is the goat
Purchased VIP Access - Monthly Plan 4 months ago
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3 months ago
What I like the most about the service is you get a real high volume on tips with in-depth analysis. Betting is a marathon not a sprint and with this community you're definitely in the right place!
Purchased VIP Access - Monthly Plan 4 months ago
I just subscribed. Now what?
1. Go to the discord app and the FilthyFive server should appear (make sure you Whop email and Discord email are the same). If you have any issues, please contact Whop support. 2. Browse through all of the discord channels. We have announcements, resources, general chats for each sport, the exclusive capper channels, as well as helpful research bots at the bottom left. 3. Introduce yourself to the chat and ask any questions you may have. We have a very friendly, community-focused group. 4. After browning through the various channels, find a betting style that suites you and look at the various angles/plays that are put out daily.
What's the success rate of cappers in the discord?
We have implemented a new unit tracking system for all cappers. Long-story short...all of our cappers win consistently and are profitable. We have several cappers up over 100 units on the year ($1,000-->$100,000).
What's the refund policy?
All sales are final. Our discord is one of the cheapest available. If you are unsure, try the 7-day pass and just see if you like it!
What is the FilthyFive?
The FilthyFive is a company geared towards sports betting. We are a group of contributors who give suggestions on what to bet each night, along with detailed write-ups on why we like those angles. This is an environment where you can learn how to bet on sports and figure out how to make selections on what to bet on to ensure you are making money, rather than losing it.
What can I expect?
Every night, the FilthyFive contributors will present options that they would consider betting on, along with detailed reasoning behind each play. There is no requirement to make any bet. Simply suggestions/recommendations. You can then place those bets and follow with the entire group (we win together and lose together) or you can just learn what to bet on and what to look for when making selections.
About the seller
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FilthyFive Discord
Sports Picks β€’ General

92 reviews

We provide insight and bet recommendations for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, Futbol, NASCAR, and PGA Tour. We have 2500+ Members. We are known for putting out some of the biggest successful parlays in the sports betting industry Our winnings tickets have been showcased on Bleacher Report, Action Network, DraftKings and FanDuel. Every bet is tracked to prove long-term profitability of the team. The FilthyFive is a fit for everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros. Our goal is to help YOU become a profitable and knowledgeable sports bettor.

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