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Firsthand Trading Group

(27 reviews)

Training Traders for Success.

Over the past 12 months, we've been calling the markets every week, in advance, for the Firsthand Trading Group. Now as we roll into 2024, we're excited to extend our success to a broader audience and train more traders for success. We believe in the impact of the Firsthand Trading experience. Over 52 weeks of weekly group calls and 20 weeks of group training exercises where we offer personalized feedback to traders, Firsthand Trading Group members have seen transformations in their trading and psychology. Don't just take our word for it, take theirs. Check our testimonials to see what they have to say.

Here's what's inside:

DAILY LIVE Premarket Livestreams

LIVE Weekly Group Calls

LIVE Trading Sessions

LIVE Backtesting Sessions

✅ Intraday Market Commentary

✅ Midweek Market Reviews

✅ Trade Recaps

📚 80+ Hours of Educational Content

📖 Handcrafted Training Exercises

📝 Personalized Trade Feedback

🏠 Active and Supportive Trading Community

🎁 Giveaways


Real People. Real Results.

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Discord access

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Live Group Calls
Get ahead of the markets with pre-week market analysis and price targets.
Live Trading Sessions
Join our analysts for a real-time walkthrough of the markets.
Live Backtesting Sessions
Test models and improve your trading with the team.
Midweek Market Review
Stay up to date with a video breakdown of current market conditions and price expectations.
Trade Recaps
Understand the process of experienced traders through detailed reviews of their trades.
Training Exercises
Boost your learning curve through handcrafted exercises and personalized trade feedback.
Gain access to 80+ hours of educational content to support your trading development.
Grow through the support of an active and encouraging trading community.
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Customer reviews
4.93 out of 5
(27 reviews)
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16d ago
I've studied ICT trading strategies for over a year now but had struggled to implement the things I have learned into any sort of consistent trading model. Anyone who has studied ICT will be familiar with the pain of just how much there is to learn... it really becomes so overwhelming. Henry & Carson are absolute PROS when it comes to ICT's methods... honestly, listening to these guys do their group calls, midweek reviews, live tape-reading and live trading sessions within the Discord group is *almost* as good as working with ICT himself. They are SUPER accurate with their analysis and are amazing mentors when it comes to mastering patience and psychology. I can honestly say that since joining First Hand Trading Group, my skills as a trader have increased significantly. I still have a lot to learn of course, but having Henry & Carson there every day in the Discord group is just fantastic. They are so supportive of each and every one of the group members and are determined to see us all succeed.
Purchased Lifetime Access 25d ago
User avatar
18d ago
Henry and Carson have an amazing grasp of order flow and patience at the same time. No matter your entry model, their vision will take your trading to the next level.
Purchased Monthly Access 21d ago
User avatar
20d ago
Henry and Carson have built this group from the ground up . No shortcuts were taken, this is exactly the type of people you want to learn from . Trading is a very difficult to learn , they help simplify it and come up with a plan . Save yourself a headache and join this group.
Purchased Lifetime Access 22d ago
Can I join at any time?
You can join at any time. You do not have to wait until the end of the month to join Firsthand Trading Group.
Is FIRSTHAND TRADING GROUP LLC a licensed advisor?
FIRSTHAND TRADING GROUP LLC, its analysts, and this Discord server, Firsthand Trading Group, are not registered as an investment advisor nor a broker/dealer with either the CFTC, NFA, or any futures & securities regulatory authority. We do not have access to non-public information regarding publicly traded companies. Content contained in or made available through the Discord server, "Firsthand Trading Group", or our respective social media accounts, is not to be considered financial or investment advice. Users of this site and service are advised that all information presented is used solely for entertainment and educational purposes only, is not intended to be used as a personalized investment recommendation, and is not attuned to any specific portfolio or to any user's particular investment needs or objectives.
How do I get customer support?
If you are in our discord server, head to #support and create a ticket in that channel. If you are not in our discord server, please email firsthandtradinggroup@gmail.com.
What is your cancellation policy?
Canceling your subscription is easy with the Whop Dashboard. It is up to you to cancel your subscription before your invoice date if you do not wish to be charged. If you cannot cancel through the Whop Dashboard please send an email to firsthandtradinggroup@gmail.com.
What is your refund policy?
Except when required by law, paid subscription fees are non-refundable. FIRSTHAND TRADING GROUP LLC does not offer any refunds or returns for any and all purchased goods or services. All sales are final. ‍Certain refund requests for subscriptions may be considered by FIRSTHAND TRADING GROUP LLC on a case-by-case basis and granted at the sole discretion of the company. Customer communication is incredibly important when it comes to refunds. We urge you to send an email to firsthandtradinggroup@gmail.com if you wish to request a refund.
About the seller
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Trading • Technical Analysis

27 reviews

At Firsthand Trading Group we believe growth comes from firsthand experiences. We offer technical trading education and opportunities to learn in a group setting. We share training exercises to get traders into the markets without real risk while they learn, and we provide resources and a community to support them along their trading journey.

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