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Galaxy Trades

(6 reviews)

All your trading/betting needs.

Gain access to:

  • Trading Guides
  • Stock News Bot
  • Stock Watchlists
  • Crypto Watchlist
  • Forex Guide
  • Trading Indicator
  • 1-On-1 Support
  • Expert Analysts
  • Private Community
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Cash Back Guarantee
If you don't make $250, we will refund your membership, no strings attached!
Gain access to our exclusive livestreams with trade reviews sessions
Trading Education
Learn effective risk management techniques and develop profitable trading skills
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Customer reviews
4.33 out of 5
(6 reviews)
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6 months ago
Amazing discord, best trading group!
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6 months ago
Amazing server. Really great and helpful community for beginners or people trying to get better.
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8 months ago
Basically, best group I’ve been in so far and I’ve tried so many, Sam and Galaxy are some great traders and great people in general, supportive and super helpful, never had such good support from any group so far. Love them, very high winrate in their callouts too!!! 🫡🔥📰
How much money do I need to start out?
It is completely up to you, You can start with $100 or you can start with $2000. Only put in what you can afford to lose. If you can't afford to lose $1000, dont start with $1000.
How long will it take for me to become profitable?
It could be tomorrow or it could be in a year. All you need to do is master the elements of emotion and discipline, while applying technical analysis to trades. If you can properly apply risk management to your trades, you could be profitable tomorrow. Dont chase the money though.
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Galaxy Trades
Trading • Stocks

6 reviews

We help people like YOU reach financial freedom through stocks. And if you don't, we refund your membership cost!

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