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Gamble Gurus

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Free daily sports and esports slips with hours of research behind them to help you win more money!

Gain access to numerous sport and esports slips daily.

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Analysed based picks
We use tools to find the best picks to give us a statistical advantage.
Bank Roll Management
We use bank roll management to make sure that you are not risking to much money and making profits whilst doing so.
Daily Slips
Our team is dedicated to get numerous slips out on the daily so that you can make your profits.
Easy to approach
If you questions about our preferences on a pick, we will gladly express why we like one more than the other.
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5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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5 months ago
Found him on tiktok and decided to give it a shot. Very friendly, communicative, and active in his discord. Would recommended to anyone looking to make money.
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6 months ago
A great and engaging discord. Solid and live analysis of picks and great success rate as well. Looking forward to cashing out for months to come.
How often will the slips be posted in the free/premium channel?
For the free channel it will be one slip daily and we will try and release around 3-4 in the premium depending on how the board looks.
About the seller
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Gamble Gurus
Sports Picks • NBA

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We are a progressive analytics service dedicated to providing sports and E-sports enthusiasts a competitive advantage in precision betting. Utilizing a distinctive combination of thorough analysis and statistically-supported strategies, we generate 3-5 daily slips covering a wide range of sports and E-sports scenarios. Our unique methodology involves offering early plays and implementing effective bankroll management, ensuring sustained success. Bid farewell to last-minute changes or removed plays, as we guarantee a seamless and stress-free betting experience.

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