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The most Profitable Trading channel on Telegram™

  • Early Entries to all trades
  • Free trades available to members from our team of analysts (options, crypto, and forex)
  • Watchlists
  • Giveaways
  • Access to a determined community of professional traders to help elevate your journey and turn you into a profitable and prospering trader.
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GhostTrading FREE channel 💯

Consistent Growth
Enjoy Consistent profits from our Exclusive Alerts.
Education like No Other
We have multiple channels dedicated to teaching you the ins and outs of financial markets.
Daily analysis
Analysis posted everyday before market open explaining the game plan of the day!
Comprehensive Charts
View daily trading charts and options plays to stay one step ahead of the markets
24/7 support team
24/7 Support to ask our Moderators any questions you may have.
Build the foundations for your trading journey.
And Many Many More!
A dedicated team works to bring our members frequent updates with new features.
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5 months ago
Ive been in it for about a week, and ive already made 70% in gains. Made $700 off of my $1000 account and im about to buy the premium subscription to make even more money. Thanks ghost!
What is your winrate?
Although it varies (depending on market conditions) our analysts generally maintain a 70%-80% winrate.
How often will I receive alerts?
We guarantee at least two signals a day for all three commodities that we support in the channels.
What if I don't know much about trading?
The channel offers FREE education materials aswell as links to sign up with trusted brokers to start your journey.
Does this include crypto or forex as well or just options?
There are analysts that provide trade ideas for Options, Crypto, and Forex.
About the seller
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Trading • Investing

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Ghost is a Trader in the united states that has over 5 years in different types of financial markets. After being a analyst for some of the biggest alert channels, he decided to branch off and start his own. The purpose of this channel is to allow members to learn with professional analysts helping them through this tough journey. GhostTrading is not just a service; we're a community actively dedicated to innovation, learning, and profitable trading.

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