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Gold Squad

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Crypto & Self Transformation

Dive in and become a VIP member of the #1 crypto, self-transformation & money-making community. Our community is based around our Discord server which acts as the main hub for everything we do.

By joining the Gold Squad you will gain access to a wide range of VIP-exclusive perks:

  • Crypto trading signals from 6 of our traders
  • Crypto alpha
  • Internet business alpha
  • Members-only live Q&A calls with our founders/analysts,
  • Exclusive giveaways
  • Much more (Refer to the 'features' section below!)
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Discord access

Crypto Trading Signals
Get alerts on crypto trades from 6 of our traders.
Access All VIP Channels
Access private chat & alpha channels.
Exclusive Video Content
Access members-only video content from CryptoMason & Megbzk.
Monthly Q&A Live Calls
Join monthly Q&A calls with our founders & alpha providers
10+ Alpha Alert Tools
Whale alerts, exchange listing alerts, market-moving news alerts & many more\ tools.
Exclusive Giveaways
Enter exclusive giveaways for members only.
Customer question & answers
Can you give me an example of a Crypto Trading Signals and what an alert would look like? I’ve never traded crypto before and interested.
The trading signals will look like this: $BTC Short Entry Price : 25599 Stop Loss Price : 25750 Take Profit Price : 24666 You will be able to get these sent to your SMS texts as well.
Will I be able to talk to cryptomason??
Yes you will be able to talk to both CryptoMason and Megbzk directly! They are both very active in our VIP general chat.
Is it possible to get a trial for like 1-2 day? Would appreciate it!
Hello! Unfortunately we do not offer any trials at this time. However you can join our Discord as a free member and see what our current VIP's say about the membership!
What's your teams experience, knowledge, against other service providers on this site? How successful are the calls? What platforms do you use?
Our VIP alpha callers have years of experience trading the crypto & forex markets. The calls are very successful, but obviously we cannot guarantee 100% results. Please feel free to check out our testimonials section in our Discord to see some of the profits our members have made! The platforms we recommend using depend entirely on your location, we help all of our VIP members find a great platform for them to use!
Hey! Do you give out future signals? if yes are they daily?
Yes, we do provide crypto futures signals. Signals come out whenever the market presents an opportunity that looks good. We are not desperate and we are very patient.
Do you gives a free discord? where i can join and look around before buying the membership?
Yes! We have an entire free side of our Discord that you can explore! https://discord.gg/gold-squad
Customer reviews
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1 month ago
This is a great community and the VIP offers so much value for a low price!
Purchased 2 months ago
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1 month ago
Its a brilliant place to learn .😊
Purchased 2 months ago
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2 months ago
The Gold Squad is one of the most helpful groups I have joined. This community has many great resources and caters to beginners and experts.
Purchased 5 months ago
Do I get to talk to CryptoMason & Megbzk?
Yes, during the monthly Q&A call you will be able to talk to Mason & Meg and ask them any question you can imagine! They are also active daily in the VIP chat.
Do you provide buy and sell signals?
Somewhat yes! We have active traders providing alpha insights on the market and specific coins. As well as NFT alpha insights.
Is there a referral program?
Yes! With the Gold Squad affiliate program you can earn $5 every single month if you refer a paying monthly subscriber! $25 every year if you refer a paying yearly member. This could get even better in the future, who knows ;)
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Trading β€’ Crypto

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The Gold Squad is a community of like-minded people who are all trying to evolve into the best versions of themselves through transformation. We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives, and we always find it. We look to transform every part of our life from lead into gold like the ancient alchemists did.

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