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Changing the architecture of retail trading.

Welcome to Hermes Capital...

Welcome to our Option Trading Discord! Our community is made up of passionate traders who share knowledge and insights about the exciting world of options trading. We encourage open communication and aim to create a positive and respectful environment where members can learn, connect, and thrive. As a member, you'll have access to real-time market analysis, trade ideas, and endless educational materials. Join us to stay on top of the latest trends and strategies in the options market and learn how to be a full or part time TRADER on your own.

Professional Analysis
Our dedicated team provides comprehensive and in-depth supply and demand analysis to optimize your investments.
Real time market updates
Get real time updates on numerous stocks throughout the market to give you maximum information before making a decision
Numerous different channels
Enjoy the numerous channels we have to offer to fit the investment strategy you feel most comfortable with
Real time news
Get access to real time news updates on news throughout all financial markets
Multiple daily watchlists
Gain access to the same stocks our admin are looking at for the day as well as potential entry positions
Expand your knowledge on trading in our library with multiple different books
Charts for trade rational
See the very charts our admin are looking at and why they may see potential
Live trading
Immerse in live trading for a holistic grasp of the decision-making process prior to entering any trade in the market.
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4 months ago
Community is filled with a variety of channels to learn from, admin are very helpful and continue to give out plays at a high win rate
Purchased Premium Discord 5 months ago
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Hermes Capital
Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

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Welcome to Hermes Capital where we teach how to become financially independent and live life without being tied to your bosses schedule

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