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Day 1 or 1 Day? You Decide!

28 step by step guides on how you can start to build a side income!

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28 ways on how to start a side hustle

Step by Step Roadmap
A step by step roadmap, that will allow you to follow the Business model correctly.
Contracts & Scripts
Contract & Script templates for outreach and legal sides of the business. You will not need to research these methods!
30+ Hours of lessons
30+ hours of Marketing, Sales, and Building your own brand. Learn three high income skills, for your agency!
Tools & Software
Have access to all the tools and softwares i use for my own agency. Everything from photo editing to autopilot outreach!
Build your own agency
You can now tell everyone, you are the man. You will have your own successful organic marketing agency
Networking Events
Will take place once a year. Where you can meet up with other members in the discord as well as HKN.Jake himself!
24/7 Support
When you need help answering a question or you need something reviewed then everyone will always be there to help out!
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10 months ago
Amazing subscription! not only have i made money from my OMA, but i have such a better understanding on how business works and how to get clients. If you want to start a business and get out of the rat race then this discord is for you.
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10 months ago
I bought the bundle deal 2 weeks ago now and I was very skeptical to begin with as I’m 18 years old and done nothing like this before. The ebook offered me sauce that I could never find before, 28 side hustles clearly stating how to start them. Since finishing the book, I chose an Organic Marketing Agency as my side hustle as this is something I can quit my job from. Finally yesterday after endless hours after work ….. I land my First Client. I’m so gassed and cannot wait for the future 🙌🚀
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10 months ago
I purchased the bundle deal for the hustle hub discord and book, within a week of reading the book and using the discord, I managed to sign my first client on a £100 per week deal!
How do I cancel my membership?
Please message me on discord saying 'Cancel' and I will terminate the subscription
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Hustle Hub
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3 reviews

A lot of people don't know who I am or how I have made my money so here is a 30 second run down. First up I don't market this discord or my e-book with my flashy lifestyle or big pay-checks. I believe in giving you free valuable knowledge and not pushing you into a false trap selling you the get rich quick scheme that many so called gurus do. I make my money from my marketing agency J&J Marketing, We help customers market their business with Paid ads, SEO, Influencers, or organically. Im currently earning around £20,000 per month with 8 high ticket clients (I hate showing off numbers) so I certainly know what Im talking about when it comes to building an agency. Im 19 and was just like you back in the day the difference between me and you is time and hard work thats all.

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