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24/7 Coaching (Growth Program)
Members in the Growth Program get 24/7 access to experienced TikTok & YouTube mentors.
Group Calls (Growth Program)
Our experienced mentors hold weekly group calls to explain new strategies and growth methods.
Asset Library (Growth Program)
To kick-start your journey, I have prepared over 70GB of assets, along with pre-made GUIDES dropping every day.
We've introduced a verified middleman service for members to ensure safe account trades.
Free Access Available
If you're not ready to commit to our growth program yet, join our free community offering an account marketplace.
Customer question & answers
Hello, Would I be able to receive a refund after I purchase the growth program?
If you've participated in our mentoring sessions actively, we will issue you a refund, no questions asked.
Answered 1 month ago
will your program help me get to the tiktok creativity program if Im in Europe?
Yes, all our staff are experienced regarding accessing CPB from any country, so you'll get all the answers you need.
Answered 1 month ago
i live in the uk, can i still benefit from this?
Without doubt, if you're living in the UK you have default access to the TikTok Creativity Program Beta. This means it will be easier for me and our mentors to help you get on the right track.
Answered 10d ago
For "Growth Community" there is an announced discount 33%, but it is not active any more.
Hey! It is active, you need to enter the code at checkout.
Answered 4d ago
I'm based in Russia. Is this okay?
Your location is not a problem for this business model!
Answered 2d ago
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(26 reviews)
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Wise Mystical Tree#3625
14d ago
Super responsive Moderators/Customer support, The course itself is has a lots of secret information, Worth every single penny
Purchased Discord Access 1 month ago
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18d ago
They help you a lot to get in and understand how to improve your account! Thanks
Purchased Discord Access 2 months ago
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19d ago
This is actually a good program no bs, like the people are getting extremely good results fr, I as well used to stay trapped in the 200 view jail now every video's going above 2-3k views and it's just been a week or so, love it
Purchased Discord Access 1 month ago
Can I join the Discord for free?
Yes, you can join the Discord at no charge. The free community access does not include any growth mentoring.
What is the Growth Program?
The Growth Program is our exclusive community where we offer mentoring services & tutorials that will actually help you get results within your first month.
What is AI Profits?
AI Profits is the fastest-growing community about succeeding on social media using AI. We offer YouTube & TikTok coaching at an affordable rate.
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Over 1B VIEWS generated, 6 FIGURES made from social media & A WHOLE LOT of algorithm knowledge. Skip the hardest steps & start making money through automating social media straight away.

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