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Jordan's Library Private Community

(40 reviews)

The #1 Community for Dropshipping and Ecommerce

The Premier Ecommerce Experience

Jordan's Library isn't just a membership; it's your gateway to mastering ecommerce and dropshipping! Unlock the door to unparalleled success in the digital marketplace.
  • Exclusive Access to Jordan and His Elite Team
  • Direct interaction with Jordan and top-notch Student Success Managers.
  • Tailored guidance to navigate the ecommerce landscape effortlessly.
  • Live, Interactive Learning Experiences
  • Dive into multiple live streams every week.
  • Get your products, stores, and ads reviewed by experts.
  • Your Questions, Answered
  • A dedicated team at your service to address each query.
  • Personalized support to ensure you're always on the right track.
  • Flexible and Freedom-Focused
Immerse in a community that breathes success.It's simple, learn from the best, apply the best, and become the best. See you inside. 🚀
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Discord access


Private Access to Jordan
Gain exclusive private access to Jordan Bown within the Discord community.
Increased Levels of Success
Experience heightened levels of success and growth with the proper networking.
Constant Live Events
Our team hosts daily events sharing the latest in business information with you.
Motivation and Accountability
Benefit from constant motivation and daily accountability notifications to stay on track and achieve your goals.
Verified Assistants
Reliable source of information whenever you have questions about products, website design, or creating quality ads.
Personal Advisement Tickets
Receive more personalized assistance throughout your journey with private support tickets!
Livestreams Each Week
Jordan and his team go live every week sharing their secret sauce, revealing strategies, and providing feedback.
Weekly Winning Products
Jordan and his team reveal winning ads, products, and brands each week to members.
Customer question & answers
Does the community group help members build from ground zero, or does it require a product and store already developed?
We help people at all stages of dropshipping, whether it be from picking your first product, or if you are currently scaling your store and need a bit of help! Everyone is welcome!
Answered 7 months ago
does dropshipping really still work today?
Of course! But the old model of dropshipping has died with shitty general stores and half-fast websites. It's all about branded dropshipping now 🚀🚀
Answered 6 months ago
Is the giveaway with Jordan still going on? and can he help me find winning products?
Absolutely! Every month, we select a T2 member to win a 1:1 session. While the discord can guide you in product selection, you'll get the most out of the giveaway when you're looking to grow your store and need guidance on the next moves. That's when the 1:1 really shines! :)
Answered 6 months ago
How much money realistically do I need to get started? I would have already joined but idk how much money do I need upfront to run the business.
You can start with very little money! All you really need is your shopify store and a review app like loox. If you want to save by not spending money on ads, we can teach you all about organic marketing!
Answered 2 months ago
Is the private community any use for someone living in the uk and wanting to dropship from the uk as I know jordan is based in the US? Thanks
Yes, the fundamentals of dropshipping is universal! Some countries might experience different legal issues throughout their journey, but the principles are the same worldwide!
Answered 2 months ago
Can i legally make a e commerce business if im under the age of 18?
Of course! You can start your journey at any age and start making money. You will just need your parents help with setting up your shopify payments.
Answered 2 months ago
Do you teach organic dropshipping even though I'm not from US
Yes, we have a team of international Verified Assistants who provide expert advice on international business.
Answered 1 month ago
If a person has zero knowledge about dropshipping, would you guide them? And do you have 24/7 support?
If you have zero knowledge of dropshipping, we highly recommend watching Jordan's thorough course at www.jordanslibrary.com. This is by far the most comprehensive beginner dropshipping course out there. And yes we do have 24/7 support on the Discord!
Answered 2 months ago
Do you have any experience with German customers who have joined the community?
Yes we do! We have international students from all over the world and a seperate international section so you can network and problem solve with people who have expereinced similar problems.
Answered 1 month ago
Are these methods working in Europe to?
Yes, they do! Some things might be different depending on the legal structures of different countries, but the same principles on dropshipping apply worldwide!
Answered 2 months ago
When is the best time to join the discord? After completing the course, after finding a product, or after creating your store and selling?
You're welcome to join the Discord at any time in your ecommerce journey! We offer advisement on any stage of your dropshipping journey.
Answered 1 month ago
Do I need to pay $97 per month to be in the community
Yes, the monthly subscription is $97/month for the membership.
Answered 24d ago
How should I watch the 18 hour course? Should I watch 1 module per day or? How do I structure this? Thank you for the response
We recommend you watch the entire course to understand the content then watch it a second time taking the actions. There isn't a set structure, but whatever works best for you.
Answered 1 month ago
Will this community provide information on how to use TikTok in India and how to use a VPN to get views on TikTok videos?
Yes, we have a list of resources for international members that has information on VPN & SIM cards.
Answered 1 month ago
Does it work for Pakistani people also??
Our course and community group may vary based on your location. Our international team may be able to advise you on your current situation.
Answered 1 month ago
Customer reviews
4.92 out of 5
(40 reviews)
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9d ago
After All its cool
Purchased Trial Member [FREE RESOURCES] 9d ago
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11d ago
Amazing community. The amount of content available far surpasses the price point. I didn't expect to learn so much in such a short period of time, but their Seminars throughout the week prove incredibly useful in gathering knowledge directly from professionals in E-commerce. This is one of the greatest investments you can make for your Ecom intelligence.
Purchased Jordan's Library 16d ago
User avatar
14d ago
Excellent group and community.
Purchased Jordan's Library 7 months ago
What is the purpose of the community group?
This community group is designed with one goal in mind, to help you get hands on personal help with your store. Me and my team of student success managers will be helping you and ensuring you are on the correct path. We are also attempting to create the absolute best community group for dropshipping and ecommerce. Allowing you to create friendships with people that are on the exact same path as you! Entrepreneurship is a lonely path, it's hard to find people who understand your struggles, your successes, your dreams, hopes and desires. This community will solve that problem. Allowing you to find people on the exact same path as you. To create friendships and partnerships that will last a lifetime!
Is there a guarantee to succeed when joining the community group??
I can throw in the typical “nothing in life is guaranteed”. However if you use the Discord server to its full potential, your chances of success will drastically increase. A course doesn’t change lives, relationships change lives, and that's what you are going to find on this server.
What can I expect from joining the community group?
The benefits of joining the paid Discord community group include personal access to Jordan himself, multiple private live Q&A video calls weekly, personal access to our Student Success Managers, daily motivation and accountability, eligibility for prizes and giveaways like laptops, watches, trips, 1 on 1 help with Jordan and get early access to new videos and teachings. We are in the early stages of the community group and you will get the chance to build it with us!
How can I meet with Jordan 1:1?
You can join Jordan's personal Mastery Program upon joining the community group. This is an exclusive program currently only accessible to members of the group.
Is there a time commitment required for community memebers?
There is no specific time commitment required from community members. They can participate in the community at their own pace and according to their own schedule.
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Jordan's Library
Ecommerce • Dropshipping

40 reviews

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Our private community group is the best place to get personal help from Jordan himself and his student success managers. We will be working tirelessly to ensure your success within the ecommerce space as best as we possibly can!

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