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Premium Sports Picks

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Using AI Sports Betting Algorithms to Predict the Outcome of Games.
74% Win Rate
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6 months ago
One of the best handicappers I have come across. Honest and transparent. Number one in customer service. They provide nothing but quality picks
Do you have a betting unit system?
All of our premium picks are of the same caliber, and so we wager what we're comfortable risking. Money management and discipline are the two MOST important things for long-term success.
What are the minimum odds of the Daily Picks?
Our range is typically between (-149) and (+110), but can vary slightly.
How does Jump Picks calculate the outcome?
It's a complex combination of our own proprietary machine-learning algorithm, statistics and probability, advanced sports data, and the latest news which predicts the outcome of certain sports games to achieve the highest ROI.
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Jump Picks
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

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