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Making money is a skill. We will teach you how to master it through sports betting.

Welcome to the KnightLocks Discord! We post plays the night before, and the morning of before they get bumped or removed. I have a full team of highly experienced sports analyst who find the best picks possible for you based on an extensive research method along with sniping the best value plays. We operate on: PrizePicks, Sleeper, Underdog, Fliff, and much more.


. βœ… ACCESS to 10+ MODS with specialties in NBA, MLB, NFL, CFB, SOCCER, E-SPORTS, NHL, NASCAR, MMA, and F1

.🌐 24/7 LIVE ACCESS to our MODS | Day & Early Night

.✍️ Write-Ups for all props posted

. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Personalized Slip Reviews

.🌟 Give-Aways

.πŸ“ˆ Bankroll Management Advice

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! However, you can cancel your subscription with us whenever you’d like

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Secured Value Plays
We post our picks the minute they touch the board so you never have to worry about removed/bumped props!
24/7 Live Access
You can ask KnightLocks, or his +10 other mods about any concerns on any picks from any sport!
Mod Tickets
+10 ACTIVE mods delivering the best in-depth picks from the following sports: NBA, MLB, NFL, CFB, NHL, E-SPORTS, and F1
Proper Betting
Providing the best tricks & tips on proper bankroll management to maximize your success!
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(28 reviews)
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10 days ago
I joined this discord about half a year ago now and hands down it’s the best discord out there! From NBA picks to MLB and Soccer to even Esports. This discord has everything you can think of I’m up so many units because of Knightlocks and his mods thank y’all! Everybody spends a lot of time on their plays most underrated discord out there! ❀️
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a month ago
10/10 i recommend everyone joining, the mods are cool and respectful to everyone they stay up late night finding good props and making good write ups for our plays and helped me gain a lot of profitπŸ€‘
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2 months ago
Good discord as long as you bet smart your always winning sine I join I’ve been winning they put out one of the best soccer plays and basketball and hockey and football and lol and Val good stuff and a little bit of everything else golf tennis and they be hitting good discord highly appreciate πŸ’―πŸ‡²πŸ‡½
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Sports Picks β€’ General

28 reviews

We are here to help YOU! We ONLY care about being the BEST sports betting service to ensure that all of our members maximize their success. I along with +10 of my mods are all highly trained to find discrepancies within lines, errors in lines, and perform in-depth research that even SportBooks do not have access to.

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