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(8 reviews)

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  • L30 Days: +41 UNITS
  • L7 Days: +16 UNITS

🏈NFL YTD: +25u

🏈CFB YTD: +14u

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Value-Based Picks
Get daily picks for all sports to help maximize the money in your pocket
Plugged in Chat
Join a community where you can talk about all sports
Receive daily updates on win and loss records with daily recaps
Professional Handicappers
KO is consists a multitude of professional handicappers to service YOU with the best bets available
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Customer reviews
4.5 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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7 months ago
I must admit that out of all of the Discord servers that I have yours is preferable to me. All of the others are mostly props and parlays. I'm a side player. Give me team sides and I'll decide whether or not I want to tease or parlay. Keep up the good work
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7 months ago
Let's goooooo! Making bank already winning back membership after 1 bet. This man respects money!
User avatar
7 months ago
Great capper. Very knowledgeable!!! No regrets at all.
How many plays do you post a day?
We post around 2-5 plays a day.
How many units did you make last year?
In 2022 we won 105+ units of betting on a scale of 1-3 units. For a $100 bettor, that is $10,500.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Cancellation Policy: Your subscription is set to Auto-Renew by default. In order to cancel you must visit https://whop.com/hub to cancel your subscription. You will not be eligible for a refund if you do not do this before your cycle renews
About the seller
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KO Locks
Sports Picks • General

8 reviews

KO Locks was founded by two best friends that are Professional Sports Handicappers. KO uses a mix of algorithms and knowledge to provide the best sports picks on the market. The primary bets are placed on Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and Hockey. Come join the KO family TODAY! By joining this community, you acknowledge that any and all information provided is for entertainment purposes ONLY and to be used at your own risk. Completing your purchase means you have read and agree to KO Locks terms and conditions. All passes automatically renew and can be canceled at any time. All sales are final.

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