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30 Day Challenge: Learn UX

Make it fun. Get it done.

Hey you, it’s Sofia and Kim here. We’re both Lead Designers at Google and Farfetch, and on a mission to help you achieve your life goals by turning it into a daily habit you can easily fit into your life.


How much time and effort would you save if you had a pre-made plan for achieving your goal of learning UX Design?

In this Notion Template, you get small daily actionable challenges you can complete to learn about and also practise UX Design. We often spend hours learning instead of actually applying what we've learnt to solidify our knowledge.

We save you the time and effort of having to figure this out yourself because we’ve done the hard work for you.

We provide everything you need so you can focus on getting there. You'll get

The list of what to do each day, with links to resources created by other amazing designers

Formula for sticking to your daily challenge

AND a Figjam board with the daily challenges for you to complete

List of challenges

These have been specially curated by Lead Designers at Google and Farfetch to help you achieve your goal of learning UX Design.

In this guide over the 30 days you will learn:

🔥 UX Design vs UI Design 🔥 Design Process 🔥 UX Research 🔥 Personas 🔥 Information Architecture 🔥 Wireframe and Prototyping

And much more...

By the end of the 30 days, you'll be apply the design theory and process to a user problem and put into practice the tools and methods you've learnt about.

Formula for completing the challenge

Most of us are great at sticking to goals when we’re motivated but when we naturally lose that motivation we lack discipline. Our guides come with a formula for sticking to your challenge.

Figjam Board

This is where you can start getting used to using tools like Figjam and Figma by applying what you've learnt to the challenges we've set. Instead of consuming information and knowledge (which is great, but only up to a certain point!), we encourage you to practise and learn by doing.

Bonus Content

⭐️ Links to design communities ⭐️ Links to UX books, podcasts and documentaries ⭐️ Links to design opportunities


When you join the community, you officially become part of the Plana fam, where you'll get DIRECT access to Sof and Kim who share their experiences as designers who've been where you have before.

There's rarely a question we can't answer whether it's between us or by asking our colleagues from our wide network.

Sof and Kim have worked at Google, Farfetch, ASOS, previous digital agencies to name a few places.

You'll be joining a Discord community of over 70+ other designers who you can connect with and where you can ask Sofia and Kim ANY question you like.

It's a supportive and motivating environment to help you achieve your goals and make you get the most out of this challenge. The last thing you want is for that challenge to sit there untouched, so join the community and get shit done.


We often hear people saying ‘I don’t have time to learn design’ or ‘I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start’. So we made a simple system that we know works.

We break down big slightly scary goals into daily challenges that feel manageable among all your other priorities.

⏰ Save time 💪🏽 Save effort 🏃🏻‍♀️ Get to your goal quicker

Focusing on yourself and achieving your goals will simply be part of your daily routine, a bit like brushing your teeth when you wake up in the morning.

Forget about making promises to yourself you won’t be able to keep. Instead of committing to unrealistic time pressures, our guides get you to complete one small thing every day. And the best thing is you don’t have to figure out what to do each day, we did that for you.

We’ve tried and tested it ourselves to learn design, to build new habits and it’s made us better designers.

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have time, you’ve got too much on, you can’t stick to your ambitious plans then these digestible, time effective challenges are a game changer.

Bonus Updates

As designers, we’re big on taking feedback and improving anything we put out there. If we make any changes to these guides you will receive updates by email for the first year after purchase.

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30 Day Challenge: Learn UX

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JOIN A COMMUNITY OF DESIGNERS WHO WANT TO GROW AND GLOW MANAGED BY SOFIA - DESIGN LEAD @ GOOGLE Sofia is a Lead UX Designer for Google, working on Wear OS + Fit, and previously has led design projects at agencies. Her experience is as varied as they come having worked in the industry for 7 years at startups managing multiple clients across sectors. KIM - PRODUCT DESIGNER Kim runs her own design studio in Lisbon. She is a self-taught designer who landed her first job at ASOS within 3 months. After only 1.5 years in the role she got promoted from junior - mid and landed a dream opportunity to move to Lisbon and work for global luxury fashion giant Farfetch, all within the same year.

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