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Start your Legacy Today.

Regardless of how much time you have each week to trade, or your trading experience – Legacy Trading’s Premium Membership has you covered! Our list of offerings for our premium members is intentionally extremely extensive, so it offers everyone an ability to learn, grow, and prosper at whatever rate you are comfortable with.

Legacy Trading currently monitors and trades: Stocks, Options, Future Events Contracts, Crypto, and Leverage Crypto Trading – there is something for everyone!

Legacy Trading will set you on the right path to start and Build Your Legacy. Below are some of the features you will have with our Premium Membership:

  • Atom's Day Trade Alerts: All Stock, Option, Futures and Crypto related day trades will be alerted will our personal entries and exits.

  • Atom's Swing Trade Alerts: Don’t have time to trade during the day? Swing trades give you the freedom to make some gains on the market with the luxury of saving time! Our Swing trades tend to be within a 45 day window, and as short as 24 hours.

  • Crypto Leverage Trading: Around the clock crypto trading with up to 100x leverage

  • Live Trading: At least once a week, Atom will go live and talk you through trade ideas, technical set ups, and what to look for in real time.

  • Weekly Newsletter: Each Sunday night you will gain access to our Legacy Newsletter, which will offer a recap on the last week’s news in the market along with a look forward to next week, and some plays that our coaches have their eyes on for the upcoming week!

  • EXCLUSIVE Legacy Long Term ETF Alerts – We’ve designed our own active ETF with the goal of building long term growth with dividend stocks and undervalued companies. Perfect for those who are looking to build wealth but are too busy to monitor the market every single day. Updated and monitored once a day.

  • Long Term Stock Plays: Think IRA plays or longer term swings. We will dig for undervalued gems and present our theory and thesis with each and every alert so you can learn from what we see.

  • Advanced Option Plays: More complicated options plays involving multiple legs, buys/sells – Learn to take advantage of the market in various scenarios!

  • "The Wheel" Alerts: A specific conservative options trading strategy that yields returns off selling both call and put options exclusively.

All of these features for only $49.99 a month - that's less than $1.70 A DAY.

Don't wait any longer - Invest in yourself and start building your Legacy. Join Us.

Upgrade to Premium today and JOIN US!

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All Trade Alerts
All my personal entries and exits for both day trades, swing trades, and long term positions.
Live Trading
Active live trading with open Q&A to understand what to look for in real time and answer any questions.
Live Trade Updates
Busy? Can't tune into a live stream? Stay up to date on current positions via text in real time so you can learn!
Educational Resources
Documents, Spreadsheets, Videos, Pop Quizzes, and Classes to further your understanding and education.
Video Library
Exclusive educational videos that get right to what you care about and don't waste your time.
Individual picked stocks that have opportunity to capitalize on trends along with levels are shared every day
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(2 reviews)
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10 months ago
Over the course of the last few years, I've struggled as a trader and ever since my time here with legacy trading I've learned more and had more help compared to anywhere else. Hands down some of the best 1 on 1, you can ask anything and everything question is thoroughly answered in a professional and personal way. 5 stars definitely defines legacy trading hands down
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1 year ago
My experience with Legacy Trading has been amazing. Having an active, welcoming community to learn with has been a great support. Atom is inspiring, friendly, and wants nothing more than to help empower everyone through education and experience. This is a wonderful way to dive deeper into the world of the stock market without going to school, and it really is a big change in my life compared to how I traded before.
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Legacy Trading
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2 reviews

The goal of our team is to use our combined experience and knowledge to educate others and foster an environment that is conducive to learn within. We don't want to just let you know what we are doing on the market, we want to show you how we get to these conclusions so YOU can eventually become a more experienced trader yourself! In our community, we have weekly conversations and discussions to aid our members in their investing journeys in order to help everyone build towards their goals. Trading is difficult and with our help, financial freedom could be one step closer. Start Building Your Legacy Today. Join Us.

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