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First to know, swift to act. Real-time Trade Alerts and vital insights for savvy traders and investors.

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Real-Time Alerts
AI-Powered Alerts curated for Capital Markets, Bitcoin, Cryptos, and Sports Trading
Personalized Alerts
Select preferred stocks for instant trade ideas, enabling well-informed investment decisions tailored to your needs
Insightful Market Analysis
We provide you with a comprehensive overview of current market trends and potential profitable opportunities
Gain access to our exclusive livestreams with real-time trade demonstrations
One-on-One Sessions
Schedule regular meetings to get coaching and personalized advice on your portfolio
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5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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4 months ago
I have been trading with mamba over 2 weeks now and my experience has been excellent. These guys are an expert in selling credit spreads and trading vanilla options. I am also in their bitcoing trading service which is generating huge profits. The best thing is they are calm and composed and issue hedges in case trade goes against us. They know a lot about market dynamics. This is totally worth it. Highly recommended.
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5 months ago
Awesome signals for the free plan. The trades are consistent and in 5 trades I made $380 trading 1 contract at a time.
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5 months ago
These guys know how to make money in any market condition. Made a ton on that CPI report. Started with the free tier... they gave me 10 winning trades in a row AND were respectful and never pushy for me to sign up... love that.
How frequently do I receive MambaAlerts?
You receive real-time alerts throughout the day as important market movements occur.
How quickly do your alerts arrive?
Our trade alerts are real-time, designed to reach you immediately to ensure swift action.
Do your alerts cover all types of financial instruments?
About the seller
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Trading β€’ Trading Indicators

3 reviews

MambaAlerts is a trading and research service with a straightforward goal: to provide self-directed investors with access to institutional-style trading strategies they can execute, understand, and profit from. We achieve this through precision-guided, data-driven trade structures involving 0dte option spreads overlaid on a dynamic long/short directional portfolio. Our systematic approach to daily credit spread sales not only promises a high expected return but also effectively mitigates the negative aspects of directional option betting, specifically time decay and volatility compression. When combined, these strategies deliver smooth and predictable portfolio returns, enabling you to confidently scale your investments. One thing is certain: our service stands apart from the typical trading platforms that have recently sprung up, all making claims to "leverage the power of AI." You'll experience the difference yourself with your very first trade. We don't hide our data; we openly share it. A New Era of Mamba-Speed Intelligence Delivered Directly to Your Screens with Precision.

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