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Map Academy

(7 reviews)

Start Making Maps Today!

To see more information join our free discord!

Premium Member Role In Discord:

  • Two unique alterations of provided verse scripts per month
  • Map and Thumbnail analysis and feedback.
  • Information and advice on Fortnite's creative algorithm
  • Access to a motivated and passionate community of other map creators.

Box PvP Content:

  • Box Pvp Easily Customizable Template
  • 35+ Unique, Customizable Abilities with Verse Scripts Including: Shooting Fireballs, Wall Hacks, Custom Player Models and more!
  • Access to Full Extensive Guide to Creating Successful Box Pvp Maps

Zombies Content:

  • A guide on how to implement all Zombies content
  • Fully functioning zombies game verse scripts including:
  • A Progressive Difficulty System With Accumulating Day Tracker
  • A Customizable Mystery Box
  • A Customizable Pack-A-Punch Machine
  • A Dynamic Perk Machine Mechanic
  • Wall Guns/Ammo Buyables
  • Buyable Doors
  • A Customizable Power Generator Mechanic
  • Dynamic First Person Mechanic

Tycoon Content:

  • A guide on how to implement all Tycoon Mechanics/Devices
  • Verse Scripts for Full Tycoon Game Including:
  • Custom Hud Resource Amounts
  • Full Pet Merchant and Manager UIs w/ Pet Functionality
  • House Building Mechanic
  • Farming Mechanic
  • Timed Reward Mechanic
  • Full Verse Persistence
  • Hit Crate for Rewards
  • Rebirth Mechanic
  • AFK Dance Mechanic
  • Resetting Plots
  • and more...

1v1 Content:

  • Verse Scripts for 0 Delay 1v1 Map Including:
  • Button to Disable/Enable Automatic Barrier Drop
  • Button to Change Maximum HP for All Players
  • Out of Bounds Function to Teleport Players back onto Island
  • Button to Reset Builds with 0 Delay

Access to new guides, verse scripts, and templates every month.

  • 1v1 Template & Guide (Coming Soon)
  • Consistent Updates to Existing Content
  • And More!
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Online course

Box PvP Guide, Tycoon Guide, Zombies Guide

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Premium Member

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Algorithm Insights
Our team is constantly testing to provide you insights into the Fortnite Discovery Algorithm.
In-Depth Tutorials
We provide guides which will make creating your Fortnite Maps easier than ever!
Weekly Updates
New verse scripts, map templates, and tutorials updated every week!
Map Analysis
You'll get direct access to our map building experts. You can ask them any questions you like about Fortnite Maps!
Business Opportunities
You will get access to a community of like-minded individuals who all share similar interests and goals.
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
3.29 out of 5
(7 reviews)
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a month ago
good verse code
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a month ago
Awesome channel that shares and teaches verse code for beginners and even for advanced programmers... For Free!!!
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a month ago
This service is absolutely worth it. I recommend it to anyone who has the money for it. There is ALOT of value in knowledge and just in a week I have gotten a substantially better hold and understanding in verse. This is an investment and honestly compared to commissioning a verse mechanic this will save you money, time and you have all the tools at your disposal to learn how to do it yourself and in the long run that's the most important part!
Can you make profit from Fortnite maps?
Yes! It's as easy as 1,2,3. Create a map, publish it, and start earning profit!
Is creating a map easy?
With the right tools and assistance, creating your first map can take you less than a day!
Why is it so expensive?
Our product offers scripts that others charge thousands for. Instead you can get them for a fraction of the price!
About the seller
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Map Academy
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7 reviews

Map Academy is a dedicated company, primarily focused on assisting individuals through every stage of the Fortnite Map Creating Process. As established members in our field, we offer a range of courses, templates, scripts and more! Our mission is to provide our community with the resources and knowledge they need to unleash their full potential in the game development industry.

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