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Momentum Trades by Mr M

(13 reviews)

Empower your Trading Journey: Real-time Alerts, Expert Insights, Educational Resources with Mr M Trades on Discord."


Elevate your trading experience with our premium service, granting you access to top-tier resources and features designed to help you thrive:

🎯 Daily Watchlists ✔️ Curated stocks for a profitable portfolio

⚡ Trading Signals ✔️ Boost your strategies with clear entries & exits

📈 | Pro Stock Signals ✔️ Get an edge with recommendations from top analysts

🔥 | Pro Options Analysts ✔️ Hone your options strategy with expert signals

🗣️ | Pro Member Chat ✔️ Connect with fellow traders and share insights

🎓 | Education & Video ✔️ Improve your skills with a vast resource library

📰 | Live Market Info ✔️ Access real-time news, Biotech, IPOs, and SPACs

LIFETIME PLAN ✔️ Includes access to both platforms Discord and Telegram!

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Trade Alerts
Gain access to educational daily trade ideas from **Mr M,** his core team, and outside analysts.
Trade Floor
Gain access to the exclusive Trading Floor where we share ideas and answer your questions.
Educational Resources & Videos
Boost your trading knowledge and upskill with our extensive library of learning resources, live calls and daily content
Daily Watchlists
Gain access to Weekly & Daily Watchlists so you're always prepared.
Pro Stock Signals
Gain a competitive advantage with expert insights and top-tier analyst recommendations.
Options Analysts
Refine your options trading strategy with specialist signals and expert guidance.
Forex Signals
Stay on top of your game with the best Forex trading ideas from the best analysts.
In-depth Stock Analysis
We provide comprehensive analysis on a range of stocks, helping you make informed trading decisions.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(13 reviews)
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10 months ago
In here is a place where you learn more about crypto and stock investment properly with the help of professional trader to guild you through
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10 months ago
Mr. M, in Momentum trades provides incredible value. The other analysts within the group also provide great value, there are different analysts each have their own trading strategy which is perfect for someone new or familiar with trading. The educational value alone is just simply put amazing. If you're new to trading and want to start learning you can learn countless different strategies and find what works best for you. Personally I'm a lifetime member and I have absolutely no regrets being part of this community. Whether you want to follow Technical Analysis alerts or learn and trade on your own, the benefits greatly out weigh the cost.
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10 months ago
I joined Momentum Trade more then 6 months ago. Mr.M and Momentum Trade's team are very professional analysts. If you have a good risk management and can follow correctly their alerts, you will have a good profits. In Momentum Trades you can get the right experience how to trade and how NOT to trade. Momentum team always can help you to find the right information and knowledge. Every day you get something new and interesting!
I'm a begginer trader will I understand your signals?
As a beginner trader, you'll be able to understand our simple trading signals. They include an entry point with a price and trade type (such as breakout, swing, or day trade), take profit points at various levels (called TP1, TP2, etc.), and a stop loss or mental stop loss price. For example, we might send a signal like this: "Day Trade Idea for $UCAR: Enter at $5.73 (break), with profit levels at $6.3, $6.5, $6.7, $6.9, and $7.5+, and a stop loss at $5.05."
What does my membership include in Mr M Trades Ltd's Discord community?
Your membership includes real-time trade alerts, expert insights, educational resources, access to the exclusive Trading Floor and Weekly & Daily Watchlists.
What's included in the alerts?
We provide real-time alerts and trade ideas for stocks, options, crypto, and forex, including the ticker, trade type, ideal entry price, price targets, stop loss prices, and analysts' rationale.
Cancellation Policy
You can cancel your Subscription at any time. Please note that you must cancel your Subscription before it renews for a subsequent period to avoid being charged for the next period’s Subscription Fee. WE DO NOT OFFER CREDIT OR REFUNDS FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS THAT ARE CANCELLED MIDWAY THROUGH A PERIOD (monthly, quarterly, yearly, lifetime). In the event of a mid-period cancellation, you will maintain access to your subscription until the end of the current billing cycle.
About the seller
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Momentum Trades by Mr M
Trading • Stocks

13 reviews

Momentum Trades, a thriving trading community on Discord led by Mr. M Trades, provides real-time trade opportunities to its 4,000+ members. The community offers a wealth of resources tailored to various trading styles, including daily alerts, technical analysis, and an educational 'LEARN' section. By joining Momentum Trades, members can refine their trading skills, stay updated with market news, and navigate the trading world effectively for long-term success.

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