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Nifty Workshop

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Private NFT Trading Community

Nifty Workshop is one of the longest running exclusive communities dedicated to the NFT space, launched in Feb 2021, focusing on Digital Art and other collectible NFT's. Learn everything you need to know about NFT's in order to maximise your profits using our tools and guidance.

Nifty Workshop Features:

  • Daily reports on upcoming drops, including notification of short-notice drops
  • Extensive guides on NFT platforms & collections
  • Long term investment guidance
  • Active Sales monitors & market checkers
  • 1:1 support in DM's
  • 1:1 mentorship calls
  • Focus on all things Crypto from coins to majors

Since launching just over 2 years ago, the group has secured over $10m in net profits, with a small community.

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Customer Q&A
Q: Hi, do you guys specialize in Solana NFTs?
A: Hi Francisss - Solana isn't our main focus, however we do occasionally post opportunities if they present themselves. Our main focus is Ethereum NFT's generally.
Asked on Nov 8, 2023
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(11 reviews)
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11d ago
One of the best groups out there! Been a member for nearly 3 years now, tightknit community and really helped me out with NFT's. Went from being a complete beginner to becoming profitable within the NFT space. Big thanks to Cibbers as he is the mastermind behind everything!
9 months ago
The best advice and calls you can get stay focused and this group is for you.
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1 year ago
Cibbers is so nice 5 stars!
Do I need previous experience?
No, Nifty Workshop is an excellent place to learn about NFT's, Trading and Crypto, even with no prior experience.
What starting budget would you recommend?
Usually we recommend that people begin trading with around 0.5ETH (Ethereum) - however it can often be less. A lot of this is down to your own personal budgets and risk tolerance/appetite. Please do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose.
Aren't NFT's a scam?
Sadly the crypto/NFT space does see a lot of scams and fake collections/tokens, however it's important to remember that there are a significant number of perfectly legitimate tokens/collections out there, and Nifty Workshop does a great job at ensuring you only trade in a safe manner, and promote wallet security at all times.
How time consuming is it?
There are a couple of routes to take with NFT trading - one can be short term, fast flipping - this can be quite time consuming as you need to be very active. Another method is more passive, which involves methodical, slower trades and investments. Nifty Workshop caters well for both styles, so there's plenty of ways you can be involved which suit your availability.
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Nifty Workshop
Trading • NFTs

11 reviews

est. Feb 2021 - Exclusive Trading Community focused on NFT Art & Collectibles

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