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Notion Beginner Course

All-in-one Newsletter System

If you manage notes in two or more places, then this is for you!

Then you know the feeling of:

  • endless searching for scrappy notes

  • forgetting tasks

  • missing deadlines

Are you sick and tired of that as well? I was! Continuously I missed stuff until I heard about Notion.

With Notion, I manage my life: working full-time as senior exec, runing a side hustle, spending time with my family and friends, and exercising daily. I have time for everything I want.

Notion is the all-in-one solution that you waited for. Manage knowledge, tasks, or projects.

It works for your private life and your business – from freelancers to large teams with hundreds of members.

I’ve put all my experience in this course to guide you on how to use Notion in your unique environment and specific needs.

This 2h absolute beginner course approach with a blank slate and by the end of it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build your own Notion system
  • Use 1000’s of free templates
  • Connect with all the 3rd party apps like - Google Drive, Zapier, Zoom and 100 others all from Notion
  • Setting up customized boards to manage your processes
  • Supercharge your Notion with widgets, apps, and even use it as a homepage

I can already see you enjoying that much-deserved holiday and still running your projects smoothly.

See you inside the classroom!

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Notion Beginner Course

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