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Only Profits Trading

(17 reviews)

Invest In Your Future

Unlock the full potential of your investments with Premium Access to "Only Profits Investing." Experience live trading, personalized support, and exclusive resources. Benefit from callouts for options trades, expert TA lessons, risk management guidance, contract selection tips, expanded watchlists, and 24/7 premium chat access. Elevate your trading game today.

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Live Trading
View my Screens and Charts | Callouts for Entries/Exits on Options Trades
TA Lesson's | Candlesticks Lesson | Risk Management Lesson | Picking Contracts Lesson
Exclusive Access
Access to Alerts | Exclusive Chat | Daily Watchlist & more
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Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(17 reviews)
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18d ago
This man will get you places.
Purchased PREMIUM ACCESS 18d ago
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20d ago
I was struggling to understand the structure of stock trading Never really could hold on to what I was winning much less what I was losing. I found This Awesome trading group ONLY PROFITS I was kinda skeptical at first because I had looked at a couple others and the price difference was so distant. Some of them were 500 dollars a month with no vip. Only profits was a fifth of that. But I told myself it’s only 100.00 dollars. Well let me say that this was a gift from the good lord. I’m tired of working everyday day. Day in day out only to be broke and miserable. Don’t let me confuse you trading is not for everyone. But if your looking to learn this group will give you the tools to learn. No one can do it for you. I would recommend 100%
Purchased PREMIUM ACCESS 23d ago
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1 month ago
This Discord is a DIAMOND in the rough!! So much valuable knowledge and experience to be had. I've been in numerous other Discords and none of them compare to the experience I've had from this one. Tristan is a fantastic trader and really good ad interacting and teaching. The educational information and tools provided within the Discord are worth the membership price alone, but then you actually get the chance to trade LIVE with Tristan and the knowledge gained there is unprecedented!! He explains his trades and portrays good risk management day in and day out. This Discord will change my life!! So glad to have found place that truly helps you grow and develop into a successful and profitable trader!! Thanks Tristan!!
Purchased Free Discord Access 1 month ago
Do you offer Live Trading?
Yes, Daily!
What is your refund policy?
No refunds upon purchasing however you can cancel at anytime.
About the seller
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Only Profits Trading
Trading • Investing

17 reviews

"Only Profits Investing" is a premier investment platform offering Premium Access to enhance your trading endeavors. Gain exclusive benefits including live trading, expert guidance, callouts for options trades, TA lessons, risk management strategies, contract selection tips, expanded watchlists, and 24/7 premium chat support. Elevate your investment game with us today.

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