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Jimmypicks - $100k+ Profit from DFS

(4 reviews)

Sports picks, the smart way

Get premium slips from ALL of our DFS platforms. Includes everything from our UD and Prizepicks tiers, with additional picks from platforms like Dabble, ParlayPlay, Betr, and more

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Daily Picks
Get access to multiple picks per day in multiple sports and fantasy platforms
Expert Picks
Tail one of the best bettors, with consistent profit, and strategized picks
Join a community of bettors who are learning to bet the smart way.
Learn to turn the $50 you spend into the possibility of $1,000's. We've made over 100k in just 10 months of betting!
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Customer reviews
4 out of 5
(4 reviews)
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a month ago
1 stop shop for all your DFS platform needs. Profit is solid. Key is to bet as many slips as possible and try not to miss any for maximum profit. Highly recommend this discord.
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2 months ago
Bought the $50/month and it’s definitely worth it, made back my subscription in the first couple days and overall am $700 in profit doing $10 bets. Way more consistent than other dfs patreons/ discords and backed by more than just “ball knowledge”. Premium plus is where you get the most slips and for sure the best package but the underdog only is pretty good as well.
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2 months ago
In just one month, my experience with Jimmypicks has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting with a modest $10 per bet I'm now betting $50 per bet, as my earnings have skyrocketed to $1400 through careful betting strategies and leveraging the program's insights.
What apps do you use?
We primarily use Prize Picks, Underdog, Parlay Play, Betr, and Dabble.
How do I know I'll make money?
While betting is never guaranteed, many of our members have seen success. You can see all their wins on our free Discord server linked on the bottom of this page.
Can I cancel whenever?
You can cancel your membership at anytime, which will finish up your current cycle. Your membership will not be renewed on the next cycle.
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Jimmy Picks
Sports Picks • General

4 reviews

JimmyPicks is a paid membership for DFS plays and slips.

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