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Join the #1 signal room on Whop for Forex signals today! PIP N DIP signals are known for being the most transparent, and easy-to-follow signals! 1 take profit level, and 1 stop loss level! 😤

Ali has called over +150 RR the last two months in signals with very small stop loss hits. This past week he flipped $5,400 to over $126,000 live, with full transparency! These are types of trades you will receive once in the room. No bullshit, and full transparency! If Ali closes a trade early, he tells you. 😲

There's no guess work with PIP N DIP. Join today and see why over 200 members keep coming back each month! 🔥

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PIP N DIP Signal Room

Exclusive Signals Room
Notifications and breakdowns on every personal trade we take, updated live each step of the way.
Community of Traders
Gain community access to a passionate group of traders you can learn from, strategise with, and make profit together.
Videos & Streams
Unlock VIP videos and streams where James and Ali breakdown live trades, strategies, fundamental outlooks, and more.
Customer question & answers
What Time are Signals sent?
Mainly London & NY Sessions. But can also be during Tokyo session if the right setup occurs!
Answered 6 months ago
Do you recommend his bootcamp course for beginners?
Yes! It’s recommended for traders of all levels
Answered 5 months ago
Is this subscription re-billed on a specific date or just 1 month from date of purchase?
All subscriptions are re-billed one month after purchase date unless canceled.
Answered 24d ago
refund policy
Any refund requests within 48h of billing will be refunded - 15% due to processing fees.
Answered 2 months ago
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(311 reviews)
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12d ago
I really find these concept so helpful, may Allah blessings be with you forever!
Purchased PIP N DIP CRASH COURSE (FREE) 2 months ago
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13d ago
If you're looking for a strategy that works, and it's free well this is best you can get. Courses are "zoom styled" so you'll get your questions answered. This course put an end to my strategy hopping. It's opened my eyes to what works.
Purchased PIP N DIP CRASH COURSE (FREE) 1 month ago
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13d ago
I’ll be absolutely honest guys if you’re FUNDED then this is not the signal group. Yes he might end the week or month profitable but bro only catches like 10-20 pips per day if it’s a good day. Not to mention that’s after he looses 3-5 trades with 10-15 pips SL. I honestly don’t know why he charges so much for 10 pip trades. When he shares the trade results he will show +2% or whatever. Because he knows it’s embarrassing to show +7 pips. He Says not to risk more than 2% and 0.5% for funded but if you’re only putting in 0.5% and catching 10 pips then how much are you really making. Trust me guys not worth it
Purchased DAILY SIGNAL ROOM 🔥 1 month ago
What's your refund policy?
If you mistakenly forget to cancel your subscription or are unsatisfied, you have 48 hours into your billing cycle to receive a refund.
Do you have multiple take profits & how are trades called?
NO. We have ONE entry, ONE stop loss, and ONE Take Profit! This is not one of those 17 TPs room . If we close early, move SL to Breakeven, or take partials, we send that out! We call BOTH market execution and Limit orders. We have a mix of Day Trades & Swing trades incorporated in our group
How will this benefit me?
This isn't just a signal room. You're stepping into the methodology of both a 6 figure trader and 7 figure trader. The group goes beyond signals with live calls and fundamental breakdowns every week.
What's the difference between this room and another room?
This room is actually transparent. We've seen rooms call 5 win streaks but in reality all of them were "TP1 Smashed!" and they didn't tell anyone to close their trades so most people ended up losing money! We're completely ANTI that model. We have One entry, One Take profit, and One Stop loss. Even with this style, our trades have higher risk to rewards almost every week than every other room out there.
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PIP N DIP | Ali Trades
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You probably started similar to myself, You heard about the infinite upsides of trading and we're instantly hooked on a dream! Ali started trading at 17 years old and by 20 years old he was leading the leaderboards on prop firms! He's a 6 figure trader who has a very unorthodox style of trading that gives insane RR!

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