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Primetime Trading Group

(12 reviews)

Community of options traders

Access to our trading teams option and stock picks.

Trade with a community of 100+ profitable traders

30 day free trial, Cancel Anytime

Learn to trade with vetted profitable option and share traders.

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Discord access

30 Day Free Trial
(Cancel Any Time)
Trading Team Alerts
Access to our trading teams option and stock trades. We alert entries, exits, as well as provide live updates in chats
1 on 1 style Live Trading
Dedicated live trading streams where we teach you to utilize Option Spreads, Covered Calls, and more, to maximize gains
Actively Winning Traders
With Over 100 Active Members, the VIP Chat is always active with traders bouncing ideas off each other.
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Customer reviews
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1 month ago
It’s a great place to get REAL information and instruction of the intricacies of Stock and Options Trading. The Diamond Club of the PTTG is certainly The Place To Be on this server/service!! Highly, highly recommend!!
Purchased 4 months ago
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2 months ago
Great discord! Definitely learned a lot of valuable info from Percivul that will help me for years to come
Purchased 4 months ago
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3 months ago
Joining this Diamond Club has been my goal for a long time. Following your Discord for so long and reading the testimonials has giving me the motivation to push harder knowing that you can rise above any hurdle that’s put upon you. I’m looking forward to the skills and knowledge that I’ll receive that will secure me a place, hopefully financially in an ever changing economy. Thank you guys
Purchased 3 months ago
What is the experience level of members in the group?
Experience varies from brand new, to seasoned veterans, with minimal separations in between.
What type of trading does the group focus on?
The group is split between VIP and Diamond Club, which trade a combination of stock and options, or option spreads.
What resources and support does the group provide?
The group provides entry and exit alerts, as well as guidance on stream and chats to help members execute.
About the seller
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Primetime Trading Group
Trading • Stocks

12 reviews

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Our goal at PTG is to achieve consistent capital growth for our members. We are a group of experienced traders who all started as simply helping our friends or family members. As time went on, we realized that we had a knack for finding and exploiting good trade opportunities. This eventually led to us setting up a centralized location made available to the public as we felt we could take on more and more people. Unlike most Discord-based trading servers available, our server boasts a full-time analyst with not only a proven track record, but one that regularly posts their profit and loss statements so that anyone can see the results to be gained from working with us. Our analysts put their money where their mouth is. If you see one of our analysts post a position, you can bet they’re taking the play as well. Our goal at PTG is to achieve consistent capital growth for our members. To do this, we have developed a refined approach to assisting new stock traders on their journey. Our alerts and one-on-one approach provide timely, accurate information and personalized support to help traders make informed decisions and reach their trading goals. Whether a trader is just starting out or looking to take their trading to the next level, our team is here to support them every step of the way.

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