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Reselling Accelerator

(103 reviews)


Want to get a taste of what it's like to be a part of the Reselling Accelerator? Well, welcome to the Starting Line!

Inside, you will get access to the following:

๐Ÿ“– Free mini-course, updated weekly with new content.

๐Ÿšจ Free announcement posts and information.

๐Ÿ‘Ÿ Hyped sneaker raffle guides and lists.

๐Ÿฅ‡ Priority access to future group restocks.

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Online course

Starting Line Course

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Accelerator Free

Master Kadin's 7-Fig Strategy
Learn directly from Kadin through our weekly live calls and unlimited text support.
Daily Online Profitable Leads
Receive direct sneaker leads to your computer to save you time sourcing.
Worlds Best Resell Monitors
Get a unique advantage over other resellers with access to secret Nike stock monitors and many other websites and stores
Network In Our Community
Access to an extremely active community of like-minded resellers.
Customer Q&A
Q: Will this show how you get shoes such cheap at nike outlets?
A: Hey! We have tons of recourses on how to source shoes cheaply from the Nike outlet In, including in-store stock monitors, discount alerts, building relationships with Nike employees, and knowing which shoes are profitable so you aren't walking past shoes you could make money on.
Asked on Aug 1, 2023
Q: For this to work, do you have to go to Nike outlets or is it online reselling. And do you teach how to bot for the most hyped and limited pairs?
A: 90% of what we provide in this server is online so you can do it from anywhere. In-store sourcing isn't necessary, but it is certainly useful and profitable, which is why we also teach it. We also offer ACO and botting services for profitable releases.
Asked on Feb 23, 2024
Customer reviews
4.98 out of 5
(103 reviews)
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18 days ago
its a good group and they help u out in there. Is helping me learn how to make money and is easy to understand. I recommend to try this
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19 days ago
Excellent Group of People. Available and always willing to help. Kadin has a great deal of knowledge and experience and has made it available to anyone willing to put in the time and effort. Thank you.
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22 days ago
The reselling accelerator program has been integral to my reselling journey. I've had great support and plenty of resources provided to me to help me succeed. Highly recommend.
Do I need a bot to make $500-$1,000/month?
No! We focus on manual methods through in-store and online sourcing, which alone will get you to $1000 months.
How will you help me get my first $500 inside Relics?
We use various methods to help you source profitable shoes consistently from the comfort of your home within the first 24 hours of signing up! Upon enrollment, you will also receive access to our Private Profit Accelerator course, which has over 3 hours of exclusive content which will "handhold" you to your first $500.
What's the average client's success?
I've worked with over 700 clients 1 on 1 over the last 2 years in the largest reselling coaching program ARCP. From there, my average client does 10K in sales in their first 60-90 days of working with me. My methods are unorthodox and unlike any other, and because of that reason, we have all the experience to help you grow.
What results did the first cohort in the Accelerator get?
Averages: $1,914 in sales, $601 in profit, 31.4% margins, and 20 sales. This was all in their first month of reselling
About the seller
Reselling Accelerator
Reselling โ€ข Sneakers

103 reviews

Hey everyone, Kadin here. A little bit about my story: I started selling sneakers online in 2020. I started with only $1,000, and three years later, I turned it into over $2 million in sales. In my first three months, I struggled. I didn't know where to find shoes or how to sell them effectively. If I were lucky, I would make $100 in a month. After those beginning months, it clicked. I found the right resources and support and was able to start scaling. Ninety days later, I hit my first $10,000 month. Now, I provide those same resources and support to you. I've worked with over 700 resellers and helped them all hit over 10k in revenue through my 1 on 1 coaching program. The Reselling Accelerator is designed to take those who have already started their reselling business and help them grow fast. So, if you feel like your wheels keep spinning and you just can't break through into consistent profits, then the reselling accelerator is for you.

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