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Rize Trades

(3 reviews)

Become a funded trader and scale to $10k per month.

Join the community for simplified education on how to trade my SMC strategies to become a profitable, funded trader and scale to $10k per month.

You'll get access to a community of like minded individuals & a full breakdown of my trading strategies.

My main goal is to help you become an independent trader by utilising my simplified approach to SMC to become a profitable, funded trader.

There are no refunds upon purchasing but you can cancel anytime you want.

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Live Trading Sessions
Daily live trading sessions to provide an over the shoulder approach to improve your trading
2x Simplified Strategies
4 Hour Swing & Silver Bullet strategy ebooks & video lessons.
Trade Setups
Access to my trades and analysis on a daily basis.
Video Lessons
Video explanations of how I trade with my simplified approach to the markets.
Trade Recap Videos
Trade reviews giving an insight to what trades were valid during the week.
Custom Trading Journal
A custom trading journal that provides detailed insights to your trading performance.
Customer Q&A
Q: Does your mentorship have replays of the live sessions or discussions for those new to catch up on or in case we miss a live session?
A: Yes I upload the live recordings to the discord
Asked on Aug 18, 2023
Q: Your SMC strategy is working for specific time? Is it easy to understand like your Silver Bullet strategy video on youtube?
A: Yes just more refined and you get access to the community and live trading calls to ask questions and develop your trading.
Asked on Jul 14, 2023
Q: Does your simplified smc strategy only need to enter/trade during 1 hour of 3-4 am / 10-11 am/ 2-3 pm NY time?
A: Yes you can trade any of the hour sessions
Asked on Aug 18, 2023
Q: Hi there.. do you trade live everyday with the community?
A: Yes, we trade live everyday depending on public holidays and news events.
Asked on Jun 8, 2023
Q: I’m interested to know more about Silver Bullet but you have YouTube videos that you show the strategy or do you have more behind the scenes??
A: YouTube videos show an overview of the strategy, community goes into more depth about each step of the plan + updates and improvements. Live sessions, video content, live recordings and trade recaps.
Asked on Oct 28, 2023
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
A great community to join , if you want to be profitable . cal the mentor is always available to clear your doubts regarding trading in both live and in chats. The idea of the community is to keep it simple.
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2 months ago
Amazing market analysis and great guidance in our live trading sessions:) He is very good at answering our questions and providing tremendous value for such a low price! I’m a charter member for life!
User avatar
2 months ago
Amazing insights everyday
Is it monthly payments or one payment?
You pay one lifetime fee to join the Rize Trades membership, we do not charge a monthly fee.
About the seller
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Rize Trades
Trading • General

3 reviews

Helping traders become consistently profitable using our simplified approach to SMC trading.

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