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Rong Trades

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Helping traders understand technical analysis and futures on an expert level!

Dive into the world of futures trading with this in-depth guide. Learn how to trade futures and discover the tips and tricks I use to navigate the market. This Ebook covers my knowledge on futures trading from A-Z.

This book is for you if you value your time and are looking to learn about the futures market. I took months of my learning and brought it all into one book with the goal of helping you learn and save you your valuable time.

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Futures Ebook

Weekly Breakdown
View a detailed weekly breakdown of the 4 indexs from the eyes of a full time trader
24/7 Support
Full time support via social media DMs!
Futures Trading Education
In depth futures trading education
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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a month ago
Have been following Rong Trades analysis for awhile now and it has not failed to provide me everything I need in detail. Complete analysis for the futures market with no Bias giving crazy accurate analysis on both sides of the market bullish or bear. Thank you!
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a month ago
Gives me complete insight into valid break downs to both directions with no Bias. Has been spot on accurate!
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a month ago
Always on point it’s a nice road map in fine details
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Rong Trades
Trading • Technical Analysis

5 reviews

Rong Trades is a stock market education company that specializes in helping traders better understand technical analysis and how to navigate the market.

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