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Salsa Picks

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Fastest Growing Sports Betting Community

Welcome to SalsaPicks Discord Server. By Joining our Premium Subscription membership you will gain access to the Private Community and all of the Premium Benefits listed below ⬇️.


  1. Daily NBA, MLB, NCAA, NFL, UFC Sports Picks (Depending on SZN) πŸ”₯
  2. Education Statistical Analysis For Sports Betting πŸ“Š
  3. Weekly Live Streams Discussing Sports Picks, Players, and Games πŸ—£
  4. Access to Premium Chat Channel πŸ”
  5. Daily Player Injury Report Channel (affecting player lines) πŸš‘
  6. Ask Salsa Daily About Your Picks (Get Opinions on Picks) πŸ€–
  7. Monthly Giveaways πŸ’°

We focus on Quality over Quantity (In regards of Picks)

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Spicy Bet

Active Sports Community
24/7 we are always watching sports together in the premium chat that never seems to sleep.
Access to #premium-picks
The channel that has all of our premium picks
24/7 Support
Mod Team always here for your support questions 24/7
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Customer reviews
4.76 out of 5
(46 reviews)
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4 months ago
man, best discord we stay winning 10/10 greatly recommend.
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5 months ago
Bad experience. Their slips are guesses and they do not hit often at all. I was kicked out of the group for no reason and and the community and mods ignore you in chat.
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6 months ago
Can find better discord servers for CHEAPER or even better FREE picks on TikTok or do your own research. He goes 2/5 90% of the times... also got banned for being in other discords what a joke WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.
Do you provide Sports Picks Daily?
Yes. We provide sports picks daily depending on the season. However we never force picks.
Is the server active?
Yes. Come join the fun already!
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes. You can cancel your subscription anytime with a touch of a button through Whop.
Do you show your losses?
Absolutely. We show our Wins & Losses. The point of sports betting at the end of the day is add more excitement to watching sports. If we can make money simultaneously. Thats a double win.
Do I have to be in the U.S to join?
No. We welcome all time zones and countries to join. Sports bring us together no matter what language you speak :)
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Salsa Picks
Sports Picks β€’ General

46 reviews

As one of the Fastest growing Sports Betting Analyst on TikTok @SalsaPicks. I am excited to offer an affordable subscription to offer premium access to exclusive benefits that has never been provided before at the level of transparancy we provide.

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