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Come get a bag with me🔒💓

Sports Picks Prize Picks Betting Odds Get in the game with Scorpio's Locks Sports Betting Premium Subscription! This service offers expert insights for sports betting on Discord, helping you make the smartest betting decisions. Experience the thrill of the win. For an initial cost of $49.99 a 14-day billing , you get to be part of this exciting community! Completing your purchase to Scorpio's Locks means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, including our cancellation and refund policy. All sales are final.

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Professional Sports Cappers
Our Team is filled with Sports Cappers that have experience of 6+ years in the sports betting world.
Streamers Influencers
Our guests will include some fan favorite, Kai Cenat , DDG, Adin Rose, Speed , Kervo, Etc.....
Smart Betting
Smart Betting Use our bankroll management tips and tricks to consistently stay in the green!
Customer Q&A
Q: How do I purchase for picks
A: Subscribe then claim access to discord for picks .
Asked on Apr 8, 2024
Q: Hey so you help with bets or give us your bets ?
A: Yes both 💕
Asked on Apr 3, 2024
Q: Does the 25$ off apply still
A: It applied a while back .
Asked on Apr 3, 2024
Q: I just subscribed. And I need help cause I’m lost. How long does it take an influencer to respond typically?
A: Hello sorry about that , are you in the discord ? If so I respond every minute if I’m near my phone inside the discord.
Asked on Apr 26, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(15 reviews)
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2 months ago
I Join Scorpio a week ago and the first time I joined I had already won $75 and ever since she been coming hard. Her picks are so good and she gives us them everyday. I highly recommended buying the discord it’s so worth it 💗
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2 months ago
A group that doesn’t just care about making money themselves, everyone eats! She is beyond helpful and responds quick! 🥰💘🤞🏽Highly recommended to join!
User avatar
2 months ago
she drop 🔥 locks & strategy! great for beginners
What sports do you posts picks for?
We post picks for multiple sports including NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and college basketball.
Why join Scorpio Locks?
Scorpio VS is an experienced sports bettors with an exceptional career spanning over five years. Scorpio actually bets on the picks she posts and puts her money where her mouth is.
What is Our purpose?
Our purpose is to make you a successful sports bettor. Our job is to provide the learning tools to help our members understand how to been a winning sports bettor. From our tools to 1 on 1 interactions with our contributors; we will do everything to help! And of course we spend all day building bank roll management that give us an edge over the books! The most important goal is for our members to become successful sports bettors long term. And if that means at some point they no longer need our services - that means we did our job well!
What Do We Provide?
To keep it simple - no one offers what we offer • A team of professional contributors that cover all major sports. They work every day (almost all day) to find you +EV straights, parlays and more. If you are curious how serious we take this - one of our contributors who specializes in NBA/MLB/NFL is an MIT graduate in Mathematics. You won't find qualifications like that anywhere else. • Leading technology. We are partnered with some of the greatest minds in the industry. One of our main partners is props.cash. Together we have built exclusive and proprietary tools like auto-generated cheat sheet, data sheets, and a very exciting "AI Parlay" which has had success never seen before. • A community. This may sound silly but this is one of our favorite things we have to offer. The second you join the discord you are greeted like family by the team and members. You will have a blast sweating out parlays, watching games with thousands of other members. The excitement the moment a parlay hits and our chats go crazy is an unparalleled feeling! • We offer so much more we can't fit it in here. From bankroll education, parlay education, 1 on 1 chats with contributors, giveaways, merch, Research bots and so much more! From day 1 we have always been first in innovating this space. Everyone is playing catchup. That won't change. We are always working on improving and pushing boundaries.
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Scorpio's Locks
Sports Picks • General

15 reviews

Wassup yall 💞 let’s make a bag together. Since yall think women don’t bet , I actually watch sports and bet underdog plays just join up and get to know me .

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