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Skeens Insights

(18 reviews)

AiO Sports Betting Discord/Toolbox and active community with daily picks for all sports, research tools, hit consistency sheets, injury/news and more.

•Access to all premium picks and channels.

•Access to our data, tools and news for research including props cash bot, hit concistency sheets, middle bet finder, injury updates, news and more.

•Eligibility for giveaways and contest.

•Priority Customer support

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WHOP Premium

24/7 Support
You get priority 24/7 customer support.
⭐️ News/Data & Tools
You get access to our free props.cash bot ($200 Value in App Store) 100% hit consistency sheets, news/injurys and more.
Consistent Winning Picks
We have the best handicappers on the internet hands down at a fraction of the cost. The yearly plan is only 90c/day!
Active Community
We have an active community that bets all night long! Share your winners, bad beats, insights and more.
Giveaways and Contest
Premium members are eligible for all giveaways and contest.
Family oriented community
Unlike others communities, we see each other as a family. We help each other any way we can. Sometimes even financially.
We do it all..
Straight bets, Futures, Parlays/SGP, Middle bets, we even have people appointed to find Sportsbook Glitches/Errors 🤣
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(18 reviews)
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3 months ago
Tried some other servers. This one stands out for level of service, response, and positive community. You have access to several cappers along with tools to help you maximize profit. Cappers have been on a great run since beginning of the year. Community is also well versed and contributes great options for slips
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4 months ago
Awesome server! Good, knowledgeable members. Feels like everyone has been your friend for life. Highly recommend checking it out. You’re gonna love it!
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4 months ago
Best place in nation ya heard fun place to be at check it out
What separates your cappers from others?
Simply put. Morals. Our cappers were hired by interview; each one values the aspect that you’re risking your money. Many cappers share their picks and they have a lot of money to bet alot of picks. Our cappers have your money and best interest at mind. When they post a pick they expect you to tail it and win. They don’t want to lose your money for you.
What is your refund policy?
We don’t offer refunds but you can take a 24hr trial of our server.
Do you have any partnerships?
We are partnered with outlier, props cash and Pikkit!
What else do you offer me so I know I get the best value?
Aside from the unique tools we offer which we know you’ll love and that alone is worth the subscription, We also have a preferred Sportsbook section with tons of deals to get tons of free money from Sportsbooks in free bets and bonuses, risk free insurance and deposit matches. Most of all we’re family; we look out for one another. We are one of the smoothest and calmest communities on the net.
About the seller
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Skeens Insights
Sports Picks • General

18 reviews

✅ Consistent Winners 🏟️ALL SPORTS 24/7 📊Free Props.cash access ($200 from App Store) 💬Active Community 24/7 👍Partnered with Outlier, the largest prop research company on the internet. 🔥Straights, SGP, Parlays, Futures, Live Bets, Sportsbook Glitches/Errors! We do it all! 📊We’ve implemented data and tools you won’t see in any other discord. This is your all in one toolbox! 🆓Try the 2 day free trial; leave a honest review for us. 🔥We separate itself from other handicappers for two main reasons.. 1️⃣You’re family! We go above and beyond to help each other; sometimes even financially. 2️⃣Our handicappers have your best interest at mind when posting picks. They have morals and respect your wallet rather be little or large unlike other cappers that careless rather you win or lose; our cappers CARE a lot and are extremely cautious which leads to our 80% rate. 3️⃣Our exclusive partnership gives us in depth stats and research to give our cappers a unbelievable edge that other discords and cappers don’t have access too; and we share it with you!

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