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Simply Options Academy

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Daily Live Trading & Alerts πŸ’Ž

Monthly access to the Simply Options Academy discord where you will receive the premium role! You will get live trading calls every single day, Alerts from multiple analysts and an insane amount of education daily

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Live Trading + Daily Recaps
SOA Analysts will go live every single day - Futures & Options Trading each day at market open
Trading Community
A community of likeminded traders all looking to learn and progress just like you
Trading Resources
Access to exclusive trade recaps and extremely valuable video lessons
Beginner Friendly
We are 100% beginner friendly, if you've never traded before don't worry!
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7d ago
I really like the community to start things off, everyone is genuinely great to converse with, to add onto that the people in it, students other people paying a subscription, as well as others will help someone when they ask, or are confused about something, whether or not that be setting up Webull, checking their chart levels, etc. Another thing I’m really liking is the amount of knowledge you can absorb or obtain whichever word you’d like to use there, during the live trading sessions, during other people talking and showing their chart levels and asking them about certain things they do as well, why they do such things. There is a mentorship program, however I am not apart of it yet I do plan on getting part of the mentorship. Obviously there are signals, but that’s only an addition to all the benefits you gain from joining in. Done ranting. I love this community, would love to see all of you ladies and gentlemen come on by.
How much money should I have to get started?
There's been people that have started with $100 all the way to $100,000 in their portfolio. Any amount works!
What do you have to accommodate for beginners?
We have hundreds of hours of recaps and lessons dedicated to helping beginners speed up their learning
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Simply Options Academy
Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

1 review

Daily Live Trading - Daily Live Education - No BS. We teach every single day, this entire community is focused on becoming better traders, not getting rich quick. (if you want get rich quick money, this is not for you)

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