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The Ultimate Ticket Reselling Community! Expert insights, real-time tools, daily opportunities.

Welcome to TBU Pro, the premier Discord server dedicated to empowering ticket resellers and brokers. We are your trusted source for information, exclusive tools, and a thriving community that will take your ticket reselling endeavors to new heights.

Our Commitment to Excellence: At TBU Pro, we go above and beyond to provide exceptional support and resources for our valued community members. With a team of dedicated professionals, we personally assist each member in identifying the best ticket opportunities for maximum profitability.

Real-Time Collaboration and Supportive Community: Join our thriving community of over 100 members who share your passion for ticket reselling. Collaborate in real-time, cart tickets together, and benefit from the collective wisdom of like-minded individuals. The solo act is transformed into a supportive and collaborative experience.

Elite Information and Real-Time Tools: Gain the competitive edge with our unparalleled access to information. Our cutting-edge tools, including drop checkers, ensure you're one of the first to know when new tickets drop for highly sought-after shows. Never miss a valuable opportunity again.

Unmatched Expertise and Success Record: Our proven track record speaks for itself. We possess the industry knowledge and experience necessary to guide you towards profitable ticket reselling decisions.

Comprehensive Resources and Guides: Navigate the complex world of ticket reselling with ease using our comprehensive resources and guides. We share insights on the best services and platforms to maximize your profits, along with specialized tutorials for beginners looking to enter the ticket reselling market.

Testimonials and Feedback: Our community members rave about our professionalism and customer service. They appreciate our dedication to providing top-tier information and support, noting that TBU Pro stands out as a game-changer in an industry known for its secrecy.

Daily Ticket Reselling Opportunities: Stay ahead of the game with daily ticket reselling opportunities posted every morning before on-sales begin at 9:45 am EST. Gain access to exclusive pre-sale information and strategic guidance to secure the most profitable tickets.

Unlock Your Full Potential: Join TBU Pro today and gain access to the time, dedication, and information that sets us apart. Don't settle for average reselling results when you can maximize your profits with our expertise and community support.

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Daily Calls
Access to our calls fueled by 30+ years of industry experience.
Premium Tools
Access to our Drop Checker as well as other tools designed for you to succeed in the industry.
24/7 Support
Access to our amazing support team.
Access to our educational tools tailored for ticket newbies.
Deals and Discounts
Deals and Discounts with our amazing affiliate partners.
Customer question & answers
What's a good starting budget to have starting out?
Hi! Thank you for reaching out. Starting budget can be tricky seeing as there are all kinds of tools and equipment to enhance your buying. We do recommend that you have a starting budget of at least $10,000 if you're serious about getting started. If you just want to dip your toes in the, there are ways to attempt to do that without breaking the bank but might not yield fruitful results.
What makes you guys unique? I am looking to join a ticket group with a $1,000 starting balance, but am curious what makes you guys different? Thanks!
Experience/customer service is our best answer. We're brokers with 30+ years of experience in the industry. That knowledge fuels TBU. So unlike some servers that might either steal info or not know what exactly they're speaking on. We're able to give expert advice and analysis to our community.
Looking to get into ticket reselling, any way I can get a trial before committing to subscribing?
Hi, unfortunately we don't offer anymore free trials. We do offer a paid $25 week subscription that is cheaper than our current monthly rate. Although, we would love to dish out free trials, the issue we face on our end is users using multiple accounts to get trials in. It's easier on our end to gate it with payment. I hope you give TBU a chance. It's worth the monthly rate.
Hello, how does Drop Checker works? Can I put my own events into it to get notification for next drops?
Unfortunately no, you cannot put your own events onto the dropchecker. However if you ask staff to input a specific event into the dropchecker, they will more than likely be happy to do so. You can also set it to receive channel notifications.
As lysted payout instantly would it be fine to start at low capital and reinvest or is high capital a need?
We would recommend having 10k on hand as capital as this would allow you to hold events/invest in tools. But there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to quick flip if you're low on capital.
are you doing EU also, I wanna join from France
Unfortunately at this time, we are US based only.
What additional tools besides drop checker do you have?
At the moment, it's currently only the drop checker. However, without giving away a lot, there are new tools in the process of being made for the server.
Hi mate do you do football tickets reselling and skipping queues? For football teams such as Manchester United & Liverpool?
Hi! Unfortunately at the moment our server does not support EU ticket reselling. We just are unable to handle it at our current scale. Maybe at some point in the near future we can make that happen.
Does this group focus on the primary market exclusively? Or are there tips for purchasing and reselling from secondary markers as well?
Heavy focus on the primary.
Customer reviews
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12d ago
Staff are straight up the most experienced in the game. I'm in a lot of ticket groups and this the only one you need. Support is top tier and so is the group. Simple as that.
Purchased 2 months ago
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12d ago
Great group. Super helpful. Knows a lot about the resell industry.
Purchased 13d ago
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12d ago
I had joined two other groups before TBU, looking for guidance and had terrible experiences. TBU is different. I wanted the ability to ask questions without feeling stupid. Support gives helpful answers without being condescending and they post highly valuable information daily that I have no been able to find anywhere else. 100% worth the investment.
Purchased 17d ago
What does the pass provide?
We provide expert guidance and analysis to help our customers navigate the complex world of ticket reselling, and to help them stay ahead of the competition. We are committed to delivering the highest quality, most up-to-date knowledge and resources, and to providing outstanding customer service to ensure that our customers have a successful and rewarding experience.
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Ticket Broker U
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Fueled by over 30 years of experience in the industry, Ticket Broker U is a dynamic learning platform designed to assist our community reselling tickets. We provide information, you dictate how that information will shape your success.

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