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The Challenge

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Make money trading options with consistency and proper risk management.

This subscription gets you all in one Premium access to the Challenge discord and one on one guidance/phone calls if you need it. Please see your welcome email after sign up to claim access to discord.

Here is a list of some of the benefits you will get

  • Instant access to Challenge day trading calls via direct notifications on your discord/phone using the "@here, @challenger" tags - this is why everyone wants to join us!
  • FREE option sweeps/flow data worth $99 a month so you know what's in the flow chain
  • FREE "GOLDEN FLOW" alerts worth $49 a month- Golden flows are options trades worth more than 1 million on a single trade - usually made by institutions like banks and hedge funds - so you know what the big boys are up to.
  • FREE Weekly swing trading watchlists.
  • FREE Artificial Intelligence and real time data driven breakout alerts, scalp and bulls eye trade ideas worth $49.
  • FREE access to A.I bots that do charting on any stock for you, so you don’t have to draw charts yourself and more.
  • The Judge's rule book and trading style that will make you a better trader who not only makes money but keep it as well.
  • Personal guidance and phone calls with seasoned traders - a feature you will only find on a trading course costs 1000s!
  • Live trading on discord voice feature on select days
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Learn to trade options and stocks
Best win rate in the market
Risk management
Automatically incorporated into our calls when you follow instructions
One on one support
Our monthly/yearly members get one on one mentorship
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Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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6 months ago
Hi, My username is Ruchi1210#8440. I tried claiming roles many times but it keeps giving me the error that the user is banned from this guild. I made new accounts as well to confirm but it does the same with others as well. Kindly look into this so that I can join the challenge. Thank you. you can email me on ankurruchi2510@gmail.com
Purchased Weekly - Pay As You Trade 6 months ago
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7 months ago
Great group for those looking to advance their trading career or hustle! Love the AI calls with a confidence rating!
Purchased All in one plan 7 months ago
User avatar
9 months ago
The Judge is an amazing teacher! He is extremely intelligent, with a deep expertise in trading. His trading strategies are straight forward and easy to understand. Most importantly, The Judge takes the time to teach you and answer your questions. He is patient and accessible. I have the tiniest of trading accounts and I am treated the same as those with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in their portfolio. The lessons we learn in this Discord group, in trading strategy and risk management, benefit everyone, regardless of account size or previous trading knowledge. I am grateful to be a part of this Discord group.
Purchased All in one plan 10 months ago
How do I get access to the discord group?
After sign up, please see your whop dashboard or your welcome email to claim your discord access with a personal link. If you are already a member of our discord, your new role will be added instantly after claiming it.
Cancellation policy
Simply leaving the discord server WILL NOT CANCEL your subscription. If you want to cancel, please use the whop account management portal to cancel or update your plan anytime. Upon cancellation, any further billing will stop. You will get access for the remaining term of your subscription after which it will expire.
Money Back Guarantee
You can have your monthly fee back if there aren't at least 10 x 100% wins in a month on our calls as evidenced by screenshots in our 💰winning-trades✅ channel. That's an average of two to three big wins every week. Which other service can give you such a guarantee?
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The Challenge
Trading • Investing

5 reviews

Learn to trade options and stocks Get alerts based on good set ups. We only do a few trades a day. Industry beating win rate Risk management and portfolio management advice

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