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The Gold Room

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Master your mind and XAUUSD.

If you are determined to master XAUUSD and become a consistently profitable trader, then The Gold Room is for you! We provide all the education, information and support needed for you to become a self-sufficient trader. We also help you to master your psychology, which will help you to level up both on and off the charts.

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Technical Analysis Education
Learn how to read price action like a pro with new educational videos shared daily to help you master this strategy.
Master Trading Psychology
The Gold Room is partnered with a professional performance coach who delivers exclusive psychology trainings.
Get access to over 120 past recordings, including a beginners course which breaks down the strategy in simplified form.
All of the pre-market, live and post-market analysis is solely on XAUUSD price action.
1-1 Mentoring Experience
Receive 24/7 individual support and feedback on your trading performance and psychology through the Q&A channel.
Your network is your net worth. Connect and level up with like-minded traders in the chat channels.
Live Market Analysis
Get access to live XAUUSD analysis from 1pm to 3pm on Tuesdays - Thursdays from Claudia.
Customer Q&A
Q: Hi In this discord community do we get access to prerecorded video explaining how the strategy works, learning about the strategy etc?
A: Hey! Yes you do :) after you join, go to the “Strategy” channel under “Education” and you’ll find the recording there. I also share end of day mark up videos daily. :)
Asked on Nov 9, 2023
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18 days ago
I subscribe for one month and no any profit I make for the trades Maybe I need more month Best regards
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19 days ago
She doesn't provide live analysis. Instead, she uploads one video each night analyzing potential scenarios for the next day. She doesn't engage in live trading. The educational videos cover supply and demand zones, but similar content is available for free on the internet.
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19 days ago
I am from India.I have done many courses..but now because this is the best for me.simple method to teaching but very powerful. psychology all sessions is very most important in trading.. thankyou gold room for chge my life.. thankyou once more to improve my trading
What Strategy Do You Teach?
Primarily Supply & Demand Combined With Other Concepts For Confluence
Is This Just A Signals Group?
No, there is lots of education in this community too. I share a new video daily. My goal is to help you become self-sufficient so you can learn to trust your own analysis over time. You'll also get access to my mentorship course recordings, as well as live trade ideas and analysis on XAUUSD.
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The Gold Room
Trading • Technical Analysis

68 reviews

The Gold Room is the official Discord community for Claudia Rea. Claudia is a full-time day trader who trades only XAUUSD using a Supply and Demand based strategy. She has been trading for 6 years and has directly mentored over 150 individual traders in the past 12 months through her Small Group Mentorship course and now The Gold Room.

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