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The Profit List

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Amazon FBA Sellers Group

The #1 Source for resellers. Find out what products are selling at this very moment and we will show you exactly where you can source the product for yourself.

Instant access to our private Discord channel that includes daily leads for profitable flips.

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Amazon Wholesale & Distributors List + Quick Start Guide

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Amazon Bootcamp, How To Get Ungated - Nike, Adidas, Toys, etc.

Collaborate with other entrepreneurs just like yourself.
Wholesale & Distributors List
Access to our wholesale and distributors list. Start selling for a profit immediately.
Amazon FBA Bootcamp
Gain access to our Amazon Bootcamp Course for Beginners.
Monthly Coaching Call
Once a month LIVE ZOOM coaching call. Get your questions answered and let's us help you scale your Amazon business.
Amazon Leads and Flips
Profitable daily leads for products that you can start selling on Amazon asap.
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(12 reviews)
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3d ago
As a past seller looking to get back into the game, The Profit List has been very helpful in providing new, quality leads. Of course, you have to do your own research but with the amount of daily leads, you're sure to find a couple that work well for you.
Purchased The Profit List 12d ago
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10d ago
Seeking to boost your reselling game? Look no further than "The Profit List," your ultimate source for reselling success. Dive into a vibrant community where members gain instant access to exclusive Discord channels brimming with real-time insights on the hottest selling products and exactly where to snag them for your own profit-driven endeavors. "The Profit List" stands out with its swift responses and a plethora of top-notch leads spanning both online and physical stores. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out, unmatched support awaits. Discover prime items ripe for flipping, alongside indispensable recommendations for software and tools to streamline operations and boost earnings. Yet, the benefits go beyond mere listings. Access concise tutorials on navigating ungating processes, participate in monthly Zoom gatherings, and access a rich archive of past sessions for continuous learning. Central to "The Profit List" is its inclusive community spirit, where members support each other's success without judgment. From sharing trade secrets to celebrating victories and offering invaluable advice, this supportive network is the catalyst for reselling excellence. However, it's important to note that while "The Profit List" provides valuable leads, it remains the seller's responsibility to conduct their own research on suggested products and ensure they are the right fit. Not all leads may be perfect for you, and issues may arise, but that's why the community is here—to support each other. A good rule of thumb is to always verify eligibility to sell a product and ensure the listing isn't under a "generic brand." Having initially joined for a 3-day trial, I found myself staying on with "The Profit List" because of its immense value. Having been part of other groups costing twice as much, I can attest that while there were always members available to answer questions, the leads were not as impressive as those provided by "The Profit List." Other groups often encountered difficulties with Amazon sellers all pursuing the same products simultaneously, resulting in a decrease in the quality of leads—fortunately, that does not happen here. In essence, "The Profit List" isn't just a community—it's the go-to resource for resellers seeking success. You will not regret it.
Purchased The Profit List 1 month ago
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10d ago
Im enjoying this group. Has helped me with growth potential in my Amazon business. I ask questions and get the feedback I need in a reasonable time.
Purchased The Profit List 3 months ago
What types of items can I expect to find in this group?
You will get access to new daily profitable leads that you can either buy online or in-store and sell for a profit immediately.
I don't know how to sell on Amazon, how can you help me get started?
You will get instant access to our Amazon Bootcamp Course for Beginners inside of the group. We will also be doing monthly live Zoom coaching calls, so if you have any questions, we can further assist you.
What's the difference between this group and other ones?
We are actually Amazon sellers. We are actively selling and actively looking for products and we are sharing the same source of our products that we are selling with you.
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The Profit List
Ecommerce • FBA

12 reviews

This group is co-owned by Garret Rozell who has generated well over 7 figures on Amazon and has helped multiple students reach over 6 and 7 figures with their business as well. This group is for those who are looking to start and/or scale their Amazon business further. Selling on Amazon is by far the easiest way to get into the ecommerce space with minimal skill. We will be able to assist and guide you on your journey within this private group.

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