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The Shit Bot (TSB)

(24 reviews)

The best Nike bot in the market! Managing to stay consistent throughout the past 5 years with a high success rate across all Nike and SNKRS regions.

Experience unbeatable sneaker shopping with The Shit Bot. We support more than 100+ regions on our top-rated Nike bot, renowned for its consistency and elevated success rates since 2019. Soon after purchase, you'll seamlessly nab every release you set your eyes on. Bring your sneaker game to unprecedented heights!

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Wide Regions Support
Supports 50+ Regions including US, EU, JP, CA, SG, MY, KR and more!
Unlimited Tasks
Request-based module that allows you to run 2k tasks per instance and with TSB you get two instances!
State Of The Art Modules
We offer you different types of modules so that you never miss a drop such as Nike restock monitor, Safe mode and more.
Address Jigger
Profile template that allows you to change your jiggs in an instant without importing/exporting your addresses.
Customer Service
We offer 1on1 discord support to all of our users using the ticket system with free remote sessions!
Account Checker
No time for Ls when the kicks drop check all your Nike accounts using TSB and be ready to COP!
Releases Support
The Shit Bot supports both SNKRS and FCFS Nike releases across all the supported regions.
Customer Q&A
Q: How can I migrate my files (Profiles/accounts/proxies) from other bots to TSB?
A: It is very easy as TSB supports CSV just like other bots! Here are several ways on how to migrate your files: Using our Default CSV Template that we provide in our discord server Using Template feature, Templates help you create new j1gs, and create mass profiles if you have the resources. And what's beautiful about this feature: You only set it up once! If you own AYCD you can import them into AYCD then export as TSB format.
Asked on Dec 7, 2023
Q: What is safe mode?
A: Safe mode is the most secure mode to checkout your accounts without a worry of flagging them. It opens a browser to harvest a session at the log in stage and emulates normal human activities, then after logging in it continues it's process via request mode normally. Check our discord server for more detailed guides!
Asked on Dec 7, 2023
Q: What's tsb past success?
A: TSB has a strong history of successfully helping members cop limited releases like Travis Scott, Jordan collabs, Ja collections, Kobe, and many more. TSB helped 1500 users cop more than 100k pairs of limited Nike shoes with 70% user success rate. They've consistently assisted many members in making money, proving their reliability in increasing success rates
Asked on Dec 7, 2023
Q: can i create many accs with bot?
A: The bot does not have an account generator but you can use it to create accounts. The bot will help you manually create Nike accounts by opening browsers, assigning proxies and solving security. But the remaining steps are done manually.
Asked on Apr 20, 2024
Customer reviews
4.79 out of 5
(24 reviews)
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5 months ago
TSB is OG snkrs bot since PHIL drops before year 2020
User avatar
6 months ago
I love this amazing software. TSB has been a gamechanger to me and the way it helped me get limited pairs. Much love
User avatar
6 months ago
These checkouts dont lie is all im gonna say. TSB is rocking nike espeically korea, US and EU. Never missout on this bot
Do you guys handle 3D security for the EU Region?
TSB does handle 3dsecured for EU regions and supports 10+ of the most famous VCC providers in the EU.
What operating systems do you support?
We support both MAC and Windows! Our support team is always available to help you out with the setup.
Do you guys have a restock module?
We have one of the best restock modules! TSB always rocks on restocks across all regions!
What does safe mode do?
Safe mode only harvests your sessions via browser and then continues the rest of the process using request mode.
Is it easy to use?
TSB interface and UX make it easy for sneaker enthusiasts of all skill levels to get started and stay ahead in the game.
About the seller
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The Shit Bot
Reselling β€’ Sneakers

24 reviews

At TSB, we're all about changing the game for sneaker lovers. We kicked things off five years ago with a love for kicks and a knack for innovation. Our crew of experts has cooked up a seriously cool automation tool – think of it as the VIP of sneaker-copping tech, now upgraded to TSB 2.0. We've been around the block, know the online release drill, and stay one step ahead of Nike's anti-bot moves. Trust us, our global squad of sneakerheads, resellers, and collectors already does. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of a global community of sneakerheads, resellers, and collectors who rely on TSB to secure limited-edition releases consistently.

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