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The Trading Floor

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Turbocharge your trading career with The Trading Floor

Our team of experienced traders will mentor you to become a FULLY PROFITABLE TRADER, within 3 MONTHS, or you will be mentored for free until you acheive this goal.

You will recieved all the benefits of our VIP plan, as well as:

✔️Live Personalised Weekly Mentorship Training Calls

✔️Strategised Weekly Tasks to Excel your Development

✔️Full Economics Training to Navigate the Markets

✔️A Personal Mentor - 1-1 Advice

✔️Weekly Development Call with Mentor, and Targets for Next Week

Our personal guarantee to you is that we will ensure that you achieve the goal of become a profitable trader within 3 months. If you do not achieve this we will contiinue to mentor you free of charge until you become profitable.

In order to qualify for our 3 month guarantee you must attend all scheduled training calls, and action all advise given by your mentor. We can only give yoiu the tools to succeed. If you do not apply them this is out of our control.

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Institutional Trade Ideas
Our experts have experience working on trading floors in investment banks, and studying Economics at university.
No.1 Trading Community
Not just a signals and education platform. We pride ourselves in being a community open for all experience levels
Regular Live Sessions
We run live calls multiple times a week with experienced traders to help you progress your trading skillset.
Leading Education
Our interactive video course ensures you learn the Technical, Fundamental and Emotional sides of trading.
IRL Events
We run various worldwide real life events for our members to meet, and network with fellow traders.
24/7 Support
Access our support team directly through our ticketing platform.
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(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
I have been in this group from the start and it has really helped me learn so much! I initially knew nothing about the markets, I didn't even know how to place a trade but 1 year in with the help of Oscar and many more, I have learnt to become a better trader and know there is still room for improvement. The live sessions are really useful and I have also learnt a lot from the pdfs that are on the discord as well. If you are not joining, you are missing out big time. No one has an ego in the group and you can really learn a lot within just a short space of time.
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3 months ago
I have known about trading for the past few years, but always thought it would be too hard/complicated etc, especially where I am not much of a computer/tech man myself. I saw a lot of people online making loads of money and thought it must be a scam or something. However once I saw Oscar making some serious money, and knowing he was local to me / went too my school. It appealed to me a lot more and I was a lot more trusting in it. I spoke with Oscar and he told me to do a free online course (baby pips) which helped out loads learning the basics, however I couldn’t place any trades myself. I then had a 1-1 lesson with Oscar, which helped me out so much, straight after that lesson I was able to spot entrys on the charts. I practiced my entry’s for a while, however I wasn’t the best at knowing when too exit the trades. I then had another lesson with Oscar and now I am getting good at entering/exiting trades. I have been studying hard for a good few months and been practicing loads too the point where I am up 14% since last monday (simulated). It is hard and it doesn’t come easy but it is 100% worth it, and this group is the best place for you to be, there is regular live calls and daily ongoing support in the chat from multiple experienced traders. This is the only trading group I know that had a Christmas party, and Oscar + James are the only people I know offering 1-1 sessions in person ( which are really helpful and 1000% worth the money). If you are looking to get into trading, this is where you wanna be
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3 months ago
I was looking for another source of income apart from work however I put trading as an option to the side because everyone always said stuff along the lines of ' you'll end up blowing a ton of money' or 'people fake making that much money from trading'. I wasn't getting the results I expected to with other ventures & one day I came across Oscar on Instagram when he was doing a giveaway & my curiosity got to me & I reached out to Oscar to see what he's about. After some chatting he resonated with me a lot & being in a position in life I didn't like, I took a leap of faith & told myself if I put 100% into this, eventually it'll pay off. When I joined the group in August '23, I felt welcomed. Nobody had an ego because they knew more or thought they were better & anytime I had a question someone whether it was Oscar, Jay or someone else always gave me explanations. I started slowly picking up things from group calls & with not really having a trading strategy yet, ICT related stuff stuck with me the most so I decided to completely devote my free time to watching ICT, taking notes & backtesting/forward testing. At first, I was seeing no results which was taking a toll on me mentally because I was thinking to myself, maybe the others were right, this doesn't work, however I remembered what I said to myself at the start of this journey, that maybe not this week, month or even year I might not make any money but if I stick with it, I'll get there. After months of trial & error, studying & asking the lads for advice I can confidently say I know what I'm doing. I'm in the process of passing a funded challenge which I'm going to take my time with but I'm confident I will be a funded trader by the end of 2024. Along the way I've made good friends with who I can only wish to continue to grow with to all become better versions of ourselves. This isn't easy but if you stay consistent it pays off. Thank you Oscar, Jay & Max for helping me get here & keeping me accountable.
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The Trading Floor
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At The Trading Floor, we are the No.1 Trading Education and Community platform providing traders of al experience levels with a platform in order to succeed in the markets.

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