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The Daily Traders

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#1 Options Trading Mentorship & Community

Masterclass + Discord Community & Callouts

Designed to help you reach your 6-7- Figure goals and beyond Trading in the Stock Market.

In the Masterclass you'll learn the exact trading system Mark created that has allowed him to make consistent profit year over year in the Stock Market. This 12 week program was designed with the intention to help you replace your 9-5 job or provide another stream of income.

With over 20+ Chatrooms the Discord was created to showcase full transparency through proving what is taught in the Masterclass actually works and can be applied on a daily basis through Marks callouts. In addition, fostering an online environment where Mark is able to interact, teach and guide individuals to help them find success in the market.

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Discord access

Unverified - Life

Copy Marks Exact Trades (Entries & Exits Signaled Via Chat)
Learn Marks Proven & Profitable Trading System (50+ videos)
Daily Stock Watchlist Posted Each Morning
A Look Over Marks Shoulder with Market Insight & Guidance
Backtested 60-75% Win Rate Chart Setups Found By Mark
Marks Portfolio Weekly Performance Reviews & Market Analysis
Awareness of the Overall Market & Current Trades Mark is in
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2 months ago
The Daily Trader is hands down the best teacher. The Masterclass is extremely comprehensive and value-packed. I have been able to learn and make profits following his trades. however, I can do it on my own now, but I still enjoy trading with everyone in the community. highly recommend!
What broker do you use?
I trade on Charles Schwab's Think or Swim!
What are you trading?
I trade options. Specifically stocks in the S&P500 & Nasdaq100!
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Trading • Options

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The Daily Traders specializes in trading Stock Options. We trade everyday for 2 hours and pride ourselves in the little time it takes us to achieve the same results as other day traders sitting at their computer for 8-12 hours a day. This gives us the ability to do more with our day, isn’t this the reason you want to become a trader in the first place? To have the time freedom to do whatever you want in life?

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