The Monied Way: #1 Wealth Creation Group

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Wholesale Real Estate, Leveraging Personal & Business Credit Into Cash Flowing Businesses, Digital Marketing Coaching/Mentorship & Sports Bets Picks

β­π–π‡πŽπ‹π„π’π€π‹πˆππ† 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐋 𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐓𝐄  🧑

βœ… Personalized Coaching: We provide tailored advice, tips and strategies to help you address your current obstacles and achieve outstanding results & Discount To Advanced Masterclass

βœ… Proven Strategies: Learn the time-tested techniques covering a wide range of topics, including lead generation, negotiation tactics, property analysis, marketing strategies, buyers opportunities and more.

βœ… Exclusive Resources: Gain access to a treasure trove of exclusive resources, including industry reports, templates, checklists, and guides.

βœ… Networking Opportunities: We provide ample opportunities to engage with fellow mentees, share insights, and foster valuable connections that can lead to future collaborations and growth.

βœ… Ongoing Support: We provide ongoing support through regular check-ins, Q&A sessions, and a dedicated community where you can seek advice, share wins, partner on strategies, and receive encouragement from your peers and mentor.

β­π‹π„π•π„π‘π€π†πˆππ† ππ”π’πˆππ„π’π’ π‚π‘π„πƒπˆπ“ & 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓 ππ‘πŽπ…πˆπ“π€ππ‹π„ π‹π”π‚π‘π€π“πˆπ•π„ ππ”π’πˆππ„π’π’π„π’  🧑

βœ… Free DIY Credit Repair, Personal Credit Building, and Business Credit Building Course + All letters included + Credit Cards Data Points, Plays & Funding

βœ… FREE Access to all of Vondell's Courses Such as Airbnb, Car Rentals, Vending Machines, Flipping Electronics (LIMITED SPOTS LEFT)

βœ… Weekly Q&A's – jam-packed with tips, tricks, strategies to help you get all your burning questions answered and give you the ACCOUNTABILITY you need to stay on track

βœ… Access to Weekly Reoccurring Training, Resources & Coaching Channels

β­πƒπˆπ†πˆπ“π€π‹ πŒπ€π‘πŠπ„π“πˆππ† & π’πŽπ‚πˆπ€π‹ πŒπ„πƒπˆπ€  🧑

βœ… Digital Marketing Trainings, Making Money w/ Social Media Education & Affiliate Marketing Commission

⭐ π’ππŽπ‘π“π’ ππ„π“π“πˆππ†  🧑

βœ… Access To Sports Betting Channel, which includes daily Strategic Sports Picks Analyzation, as well as valuable information on Sports Betting and Risk Management with Money.

βœ… Fast Sports News & Alerts Injury Updates For NBA, NFL, MLB ETC

⭐ πŒπ„ππ“π€π‹ 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐓𝐇  🧑

βœ… Server Channels For Recommended Financial Literacy Podcasts & Bookclub



βœ… V.I.P Giveaways (Cash, iPhones, PS5's, Xbox's, Computers and alot more!

🀝 Fair Refund Policy: Enjoy refunds in the form of free days in our chat.

NOTE: Ensure to download Discord before purchase. By joining via whop, you agree to The Monied Way terms and conditions.

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High Income Producing Skills
Learn New Skills such as Real Estate, Building & Leveraging Credit Into Side Hustles, Digital Marketing & Sports Betting
Skill Webinars & Courses
Weekly educational classes to level up your ability in each category & access to on demand courses
Live Q/A's
Gain insights & answers in real time on the fly
Analyzed Sports Picks
Access to daily analyzed sports picks in the NBA, WBNA, NHL, NFL, CFB + More
Flexible Payment options
Choose from five different payment plans for uninterrupted access.
Monthly Member Giveaways
Giveways including: Cash, Macbooks, Airpods, Ipads + More
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Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(13 reviews)
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2 months ago
This group is like a entrepreneur college πŸ”₯ high level skills like wholesaling real estate which I closed my first 14.2k deal on & then there’s credit and other side hustles plus sports betting which I had why started yet but I see they be eating πŸ’°. Preciate Von taking his time to map this out
Purchased CTD TMW Community Pass 2 months ago
User avatar
3 months ago
I've been using The Monied Way around 2 months now. The Trainings and Tips and 24/7 Access to Von for Questions and help is Phenomenal... its very interesting & the sports betting makes it even better. Subscription pay itself basically
Purchased TMW All Access Monthly Plans 4 months ago
User avatar
3 months ago
Great community, transparent with results. Stick with the guidance and results will follow
Purchased TMW All Access Monthly Plans 4 months ago
Why The Monied Way community over another Server ?
We focus entirely on getting you results. Our focus is to help you pay for your membership at least 7 times in the first 30 days you join us. We truly want our members to have a great time when climbing to reach their goals. Experience is everything and thats why we will give you the best experience out there.
What if I know nothing about what you guys teach ?
Thats actually perfect! Server teaches beginners, intermediate, and even experts. Thats the benefit of being apart of such a big community that can simply explain and teach things to you.
How does the membership work ?
Our company will provide step-by-step content in all entrepreneurial categories listed above, they will come in video style lessons. Think of it like school, each category is a different subject and each video is a different lesson, or a different day of school. Once signed up, members will have exclusive access
How much money do I need to start being an entrepreneur ?
There is no set price or minimum amount of money you need to start your entrepreneurial journey. There have been customers that have started with as little as $10 that turned that small investment into $10,000+ or simply leveraging OPM to fund your businesses. The only thing that matters is that you start, and when you do start, to know how to invest properly to grow your income.
What is discord ?
Discord is a group-chatting platform originally built for gamers, that has since become a general use platform for may kinds of communities.
About the seller
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The Monied Way
Business β€’ Social Media

13 reviews

Welcome to The Monied Way Community, we're glad that your apart of the journey.We plan to enhance the future of your wealth working with many different incomes, credit and financial literacy that you may have. Our services are tailored for folks who want to earn passive Income, multiple sources of income, Many different opportunities to earn some cash on the side of your full time, part time, or non-working job. With the carefulness and planning thought of this server, its proven to be ergonomic and beneficial to your even basic Joe Shmoe. Many hours were put into this discord to benefit you and the community a better place as you get advanced analysis, access to community that includes Vondell aka Monied Von and for a low price, starting from your average Netflix subscription a month! The goal of this discord is for you to meet other individuals who are on the same mission as you, network and learn on the way with many tips, answered questions and more about various sources of Income and Hustles, and eventually train you on how to make your income with the information that we provided in this discord. We teach you how to increase your passive and long-term income and wealth for a small price monthly. Moreover, you will be able to maximize your total profits monthly and manage your money to reduce headaches and getting into the money making mindset that all of our experts have, one day you can become an expert too. Furthermore, you will be able to put more into your portfolio and learn specific hustling skills that many other servers may not provide, as we give you updated information and experts all in the same chat in the subject that your interested about.

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