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The Sniper Club

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Become A Sniper!

Join the Club! Follow alongside some of the Best traders in the world as they help and guide you on your journey to become a PRO TRADER

πŸ‘‰ Trade Signals!

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πŸ‘‰ Education!

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The Sniper Squad

Sniper Trading Community!
Join a thriving community of traders with one goal in mind! Become the best traders possible!
24/7 Trade Signals
Receive direct trade signals from anywhere around the world so you never miss out on the action!
Sniper Bags
Not sure which tokens look good? Follow a direct trading portfolio from the best traders in the world!
Live Trading Streams
Exclusive live trading shows on Zoom, with Q&As!
Direct Trading Alerts
Exclusive TradingView alerts connected through special API's in real time!
Customer question & answers
Do you do the live trading in various timezones?
Hi there, we do have many live sessions during the day in Discord and Zoom
Answered 22d ago
I only have 50$ portfolio, will this group beneficial for me.
Hi there, with proper risk management and full dedication this group will be very helpful to you!
Answered 8d ago
can we pay with crypto ??
Hi there, yes we do have a Crypto payment option for 3 month access!
Answered 9d ago
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(17 reviews)
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1d ago
PLEASE READ MY HONEST AND REALISTIC OPINION (If you are a beginner, you should definitely read). I will try to be concise. Although I full-heartedly appreciate the massive amount of time and effort that the Sniper Team has put into making Sniper Club a huge success, I must say that this club is NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Yes, you will have incredible mentors to help you on your journey and the amount of knowledge being put forth is massive but eventually, for a beginner, this will be too overwhelming. You will either be taking trades first and then trying to understand why you have taken that trade or you will do it without understanding it at all. Remember that about 5 to 6 trades are being given daily by all the mentors. Beginners will generally FOMO into these trades and then complain that the mentors aren't guiding them properly. What I think a beginner should be doing is attending Sniper School, Whale School, WATCH ALL Crypto Banter and Crypto Banter Plus shows daily, open a paper trading account and then maybe after 2 or 3 months of learning, join Sniper Club. Please note that I have nothing against any of the mentors nor against Crypto Banter. I have tremendously benefitted from them. This is just what I have faced as a beginner and once I am confident enough, I will be subscribing back into Sniper Club.
Purchased Join The Sniper Club! 23d ago
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8d ago
Love ur calls very easy to follow
Purchased BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! 75% Off Your First Month! 8d ago
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8d ago
Excellent Club to learn about technical analysis and trading. Great trade recommendations and alerts.
Purchased BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! 75% Off Your First Month! 14d ago
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The Sniper Club
Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

17 reviews

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The Sniper Club hosts a private trading group on Both Discord and Telegram, built by some of the best traders in the world!

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