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Elevate your Graphic Design Journey

Discover the secrets of graphic design in 'The Visionary Designer's Guide' e-book! Dive into the mind of an experienced designer and learn how to make awesome projects. From picking colors to creating a brand that people remember, this guide has tips for all levels. It's not just about using design software—it's about telling stories through your designs. Whether you're just starting or you've been designing for a while, this e-book has easy-to-follow advice, real examples, and great tips to level up your design game. Open the door to creativity, smart thinking, and becoming a design pro with this helpful guide!

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Design Mastery E-book

Design challanges and contest
Submit your best design and have the chance to make money if it receives the most votes.
Unlimited Support & Guidance
You will get access to expert designers that you can learn from directly. Ask any questions you want.
Make Money
Become an affiliate and refer members into our community and get paid. We give a 40% commission.
Unlimited Resources
Get access to free resources that are worth way more than $10 alone.
Growing Community
Growing community of like-minded people to learn, network, and make money with.
Learn directly anything you need from the well-experienced designer in the community who is happy to help.
Get access to weekly giveaways, including free memberships and more.
Get reviews from other designers to see what you can improve in your portfolio or designs that will lead you to attract.
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(2 reviews)
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4 months ago
Its a very good comunity of like minded people who want to learn how to aquire new clients and people that you can network with. There is many benifits more than just the courses, there is plenty of chats that has mindset and motovation to make the people in the comunity inspired and want to keep on pushing. I would strongly recomend this Discord comunity. They specialize in graphic design, but everything in there can be used for any other services based business.🧠📚
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5 months ago
Would recommend you to join if you want amazing guidance and to make your journey so much easier. They teach you how to use any service-based skill to make money without any need for a start capital. You will get access to many channels including motivation, mindset, knowledge, step-by-step guides, and more.
What is your server about?
Our server is about how to take your business to the next level by learning directly from other experienced designers in the community. You will have access to ask anything you want 24/7. You can even network, make money & find a partner to collaborate with in your next project.
How much does it cost?
It costs $10 per month and will keep on rising as time goes on. This is because our resources grow daily, and we will be updating everything from time to time to provide you with knowledge about the latest things available.
Why did you build this community?
Welcome to The Visionary Club, a Discord server where you can network, learn, and make money. We established this server with the goal of bringing together designers from all over the world to network, learn, and generate income on a single platform. We are passionate about assisting beginner designers as they embark on their creative journeys, which is why we generously offer plenty of free resources. We've all been beginners at some point in our lives, so we understand the challenges of pursuing this path without proper guidance, as we've all been in your shoes.
Why would I not just learn from YouTube?
The reason why you should join us is, first of all, we will guide you through when you feel stuck and keep you motivated through your journey. That is why we have so many channels that offer different things, for example, motivation and mindset chat. These are there because we want to help you understand what it takes to become successful and also develop your mind into the powerful machine it is.
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Business • Social Media

2 reviews

We are a team of passionate graphic designers who want to help beginner designers by giving them a helping hand to guide them through the possibilities of graphic design and how it can change your life. We do offer some "FREE" resources that we have collected throughout our journey, which we would like to share with you. This will make your journey much easier and save you a significant amount of money. You should think of this Discord server as an investment in yourself and your business.

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