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The Whale Room

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Customer Q&A
Q: Would you PLEASE allow me to take the course for FREE. I do NOT have $1999? I have screenshot proof
A: Hi, Sniper School and Whale school are free. You will have to open an exchange account using the correct referral link, and deposit $100. The $100 is there for you to trade with.
Asked on Feb 3, 2024
Q: Good day. Will I pay pro rata if I join in the middle of the month? Thank you. Kind regards. Steyn
A: Hi, your payment will come off the same day every month.
Asked on Feb 9, 2024
Q: Hi can we pay yearly subscription with usdt?
A: Hello, our only crypto payment option is for three months.
Asked on Feb 28, 2024
Q: Can I have a promo code for Whale room discount?
A: Hello. thank you for the request. We do not have any promotions right now. Have an amazing week further.
Asked on Feb 25, 2024
Q: dmouflet@yahoo.com
A: Hello, how may I help you?
Asked on Feb 3, 2024
Q: I signed up with bybit and bitget to be part of Kyles school and received a confirmation that I was sponsored but I was denied access to the school.
A: Hi, please explain to me what you mean denied access. Please do the welcome video and make sure to fill in the form, add in your UID. If you have done that then please go to the top right hand side menu( three little lines) click on them. Choose profile, scroll down and choose The course you are doing. This should reset the lessons.
Asked on Feb 3, 2024