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Access to daily VIP premium best bets, Top Tier, Mid Tier in MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL.
Daily PrizePicks VIP picks for MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL.
Underdog Fantasy
Daily Underdog Fantasy VIP picks for MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL.
All picks are documented daily and verified. Leading to 100% transparency. Daily unit tracking.
VIP Only Chat
Automatic access to VIP private chat, only for premium members. Engage with me, and our community, sharing picks etc…
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6 months ago
Purchased 1 year ago
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7 months ago
Goated picks and well worth the time 100 percent
Purchased 1 year ago
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1 year ago
Top’s discord is just built different when it comes to bang for value picks! I joined the discord channel over a year ago and I’m glad I never looked back at that decision. They give you picks at plus odds and operating in the green all year long. For $20-$25 a month, it’s pretty much a tip to this discord channel. Highly recommend it to my group of sports betting buddies and to anyone reading my review. 100% worth the value!
Purchased 2 years ago
📌 1. I just purchased my VIP via Whop, but unable to access any VIP channels?
Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to activate your VIP Role via Whop. https://youtu.be/ZnGslzvoUfk
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Joining as a premium member will give you extra benifits, top picks, sharp action, exclusive roles, and help supoort this awesome community we're building.

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