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Traders University

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Trade like a pro

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We will offer an honest perspective on the markets and, consequently, deliver high-quality education to our audience.
We will share what actually works, no nonsense such as supply and demand or trendlines.
Institutional Trading
In terms of swing trading, we will delve into important fundamental factors, much like banks and hedge-funds do.
We will share our own trading systems that have proven to be effective, provided you are open to learning.
We will assist you with almost any request, as long as it is not stupid or evident.
We will inform you about potential high-quality setups. We will share a general fundamental bias on various assets.
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(2 reviews)
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6 months ago
became a student, its kinda worth it imo everything important on technicals. Used there orb strat and made some money even after dumb mistakes lol.Saw that they are more likely operating like a bank in swing trading,interesting 🀨
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6 months ago
Am an existing user from the past, purchased their telegram vip, still the best in the game. Just works perfectly, but there could be a longer visitor phase. It’s 1 day I mean come on guys??
Can I get rich quick?
No, you won't. Trading is one of the most challenging businesses with ups and downs. It will take several months and hundreds of hours to become truly profitable. Anyone telling you otherwise is either lying or trying to scam you.
Do your signals actually work?
Yes, our signals offer an extensive perspective on the financial markets. However, please keep in mind that relying solely on our services will not be sufficient for your trading career; effort and commitment are necessary.
I have a hundred bucks, can I make a thousand?
No, you can't. It is nearly impossible to achieve such a high ROI as a beginner with appropriate risk management.
What exactly are you guys teaching?
In terms of swing trading, we will teach you the same as what a bank would if you worked for them - economics and determining the true value of an asset based on economic indicators. As for intraday trading, we will cover every important aspect of technical analysis. However, we won't delve into the nonsense presented by various trading YouTubers. Instead, our focus will be on market flow, volume, and price action.
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Traders University
Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

2 reviews

We're a transparent trading collective offering expert market insights and high-quality education. Our goal is to share practical trading strategies, inspired by banks and hedge funds. Our proven systems are for those eager to advance their market understanding. We provide updates on setups and support members on their trading journey. We're an open book in trading and want to put an end to trading gurus.

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