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Trading with David

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An Exclusive Discord Community Designed to Help You Make Money! NYSE | NASDAQ | SPX

Welcome to a hassle-free trading experience! For only $49.99/month, gain entry into our exclusive Discord community. Here you'll get real-time alerts of our buys and sells, also known as 'Copy Trading'. Whether you're an experienced trader or novice, this service is a stress-free way to navigate the stock market. No trading knowledge? No problem!

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Exclusive Analyst
Access to a professional trader.
Real Time Trade Alerts
Real-time trade alerts for stocks & options.
Live Trading
Live trading & educational streams.
1:1 Mentorship
Personal mentor to help you privately learn how to trade profitably.
24/7 Support
Full-time customer support to answer all questions.
Customer Q&A
Q: Does the mentorship include everything that I need to know to make trading work?
A: Yes of course, as well as personal guidance from me on a daily basis! I won't leave your side until you show signs of profitability.
Asked on Feb 12, 2024
Q: Is the discord easy to navigate?
A: The discord is very simplistic & easy to navigate.
Asked on Feb 21, 2024
Q: How long will it take me to make money from trading?
A: This answer varies from person to person. It depends if you can learn certain tasks & topics easily & quickly. If you can execute these tasks efficiently and thoroughly then you may notice results early on.
Asked on Feb 21, 2024
Q: How much can I make from copy trading?
A: It depends on your position size when trading with me.
Asked on Feb 21, 2024
Q: how much money do i need to start trading
A: As we all should know. The stock market REQUIRES capital to start. In order to make money, you have to put down money. I've seen individuals make lots of money from small capitals around the range of $700-$1,500 range. Everybody is different. Keep that in mind.
Asked on Feb 21, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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3 months ago
David has been very consistent since I joined the discord. It has made the learning curve for options trading much easier and mostly stress free. Also David is very quick with updates and responses to questions
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3 months ago
I’ve invested into David, and also recently bought his mentorship. He had made me money and I can’t want to see the progress in my trading.
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3 months ago
Printing money from David’s updates. One of the best decisions I’ve made joining this
Do I need trading experience to start?
No knowledge of the stock market is required to excel in this Mentorship program or the Copy Trading program. It is a + to have some knowledge of the understanding.
What is included in the "Copy Trading" Program?
I provide real-time alerts for stocks & options including the trade type, ideal entry price, price targets, stop loss prices.
How many alerts can I expect per week?
I follow a strict swing trading strategy that allows me to trade around 1-4 times per week.
What is your refund/cancellation policy?
You are able to cancel your "Copy Trading" program at any time since it is charged on a monthly basis. You are responsible for managing your subscription. There are no refunds allowed under any circumstances.
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Trading with David
Trading • Stocks

5 reviews

The official trading discord of professional trader, David.

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