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Hack social Media alrorithms with trends!

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Big Data
Every day, our system analyzes over 235,000 videos from various sources to identify trending topics.
Semantic Analysis
Using NLP, our AI analyzes text, audio, and video to grasp content context and viewer engagement.
Deep Learning
Our AI, trained on 50TB of video data, boasts a 87% accuracy in spotting current trends.
Cloud Computing
Our cloud infrastructure, utilizing over 148 cores, ensures speedy data processing and immediate response times.
Fair Refund Policy
Get a refund if you intended to cancel the subscription but forgot to do so.
10+ Daily Trend Insights
Daily, we provide 10+ trends with descriptions, related videos, and adaptation tips.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(4 reviews)
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7 months ago
I've been a member of several trend-based channels, but this one truly stands out. The curated content and regular updates are top-notch. Definitely worth the subscription!
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7 months ago
A Must for Creators! If you're serious about creating trendy and relevant content, subscribing to this channel is a no-brainer. The insights and video trends available here are unparalleled.
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7 months ago
I'm a photographer and I find this tool very helpful! There is so many viral content here that inspire me
What is Trendscroller?
Trendscroller is a unique service that uses artificial intelligence to analyze trending videos from Instagram and TikTok, providing you with the best of them.
How does Trendscroller select trending videos?
Our AI-powered program analyzes millions of videos daily, using sophisticated algorithms and metrics to identify the most popular and relevant trends.
Do you have a mobile app?
Currently, our service is available through a private Discord channel, but we are actively working on creating a mobile application.
How can I contact support?
You can reach out to us by sending an email to support@trendscroller.com.
Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If the service isn't right for you, we'll refund your money.
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Social Media β€’ Instagram

4 reviews

Trendscroller is a revolutionary trend analysis service powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Receive accurate and timely trends for a myriad of video content directly in your Discord server. Our sophisticated AI parses through vast volumes of video data daily, analyzing them on the parameters that algorithms await, to offer you reliable and actionable insights. Additionally, we diligently unearth trends that are easily replicable, ensuring you are always ahead of the curve.

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